Feb. 4th

This is the day back in 1965 that my father died. He had his heart attack while bowling , 3rd ball thrown I think. That was 45 years ago. Kate was about minus one month at the time.

The stock market tanked today. About time for a correction. But it was a surprise. I didn’t find out until I got home around 2pm. Went out snow shoeing anyway. Not much I can do about market, and I’m not ready to sell yet. I checked the corner of Kate’s barn where I thought the grey fox might have climbed, but couldn’t see claw marks.

I had my fasting lipid panel blood tests this morning. Fasted from last evening except for black coffee. All done by 8:30am. Had nice breakfast at cafeteria in the Stephens Memorial Hospital. Then I worked at church office. Got a lot done, various things. Then went back to that cafeteria. Saw Jan Cardoza there sitting with others. Had good chat.

Dropped off copy of Board minutes at bank for Jessica LeConte. She was out so I didn’t get the forms. Then left Norway and stopped at Hannaford in Bridgton. Surprised Cynthia with scallops and thin sliced chicken plus more salad materials.

Watched Jon Stewart and part of Stephen Colbert tonight. Both good. Had watched Nightly Business Report first. Oh, btw, I got results back from lipid tests and my cholesterals are great! High on the good, low on the bad. And my INR is between 2 and 3 so I don’t need another “pro-time” test for a month.

Over and out.

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  1. Kate’s avatar

    Thanks for the update! Felt bad I didn’t get a chance to visit with you yesterday. Ran some errands myself and went for another therapeutic massage. I think I saw some little fox-like tracks by the corner of my barn, too! And I saw your snow shoe tracks. Well, now everybody knows how old I am. Not that I try and hide it much. All that fish you’ve been consuming is really paying off, eh?

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Yes, I’m pretty sure those little tracks are from a grey fox, maybe more than one. I’ve been tracing them on both of our lands and also across the street. Raccoon tracks are much different. Grey fox can climb trees too, and they sometimes even nest in the tops of trees. I looked it up. The track and footprint sizes match pretty well……. The number of people that know us who actually read this blog are pretty few and far between, so, I think most of those who might read this post already know your age! And the others could care less and don’t know us from holes in the grounds. ;-)

  3. Terry McKenna’s avatar

    Hi. I enjoy reading this blog among the blogs i check. re the death of a father, i suspect most of us never forget the day. i know i don’t (july 11, 1972 – i was just shy of 21 at the time – re my father, sudden stroke, died the day of the stroke. perhaps modern pharmacology would have allowed both your father and mine to stay around longer.)

  4. Mardé’s avatar

    Hi Terry, and thanks for your comment. Yes, we do remember that day. You were pretty young at the time. I was 36, still young. My father didn’t get himself medically checked very often. His heart was enlarged and he didn’t know it. Thanks for checking this blog. I’ve been distracted by facebook in recent days and find that it can easily become too much.

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