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Let us introspect a bit. The purpose of this blog is? Answer in 25 words or less. OK, it’s to say whatever I please AND preserve it for posterity. I’ll provide slices out of time and thought. OK, why don’t I start doing that? Here goes.

We got some fairly substantial snow on Wednesday with a prediction of high winds which didn’t materialize until yesterday, Friday. When I went out Thursday morning to start the snow thrower, the electric start conked out on me. Panic! Kate was out on the road when it happened. She may have told Don. But I called him anyway and also called Carol Rhodes. Had a good talk with her and she said she’d get Jeff. So, a little while later there was Don, and then Jeff. Don managed to start the thing by rope pulls and Jeff with his scooper tractor cleared out the front of the driveway. So, it wasn’t much longer before our driveway was nice and clear….. Over and out. Good.

What else?

I’ll need to sing “The Christmas Song” at our Dec. 20th choir concert. I have the words memorized but there are a couple places where I’m having difficulties with the tune. Not too serious, but still. Also, the song is a bit on the high side for me, so, I’ll need lots of good breath. I should be practicing the thing here at home but it tends to bother Cynthia, or I think it does. Today I really should sing it out a few times in any case.

The world?

Was reading Charles Blow’s Op-Ed in the NYT this morning. Here’s the first sentence:

The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life released a report on Wednesday that is bound to stir conversation about the increasingly complicated cacophony of spirituality in America — a mash-up of traditional faiths, fantasy and mythology.

Yup, the New Agers are on a tear. Here’s his last sentence:

Cue the harps, and the sitars, and the tablas, and the whale music.

Pretty good, huh? I hope I’m not leaving the impression that I approve of this New Age crap because I don’t. I think the New Agers are nuts.

And here I am reading Karen Armstrong’s “The Case for God”, and listening to her being interviewed by Bill Moyers and Terry Gross. I even put a comment into somebody’s comment on her book in Amazon. Why don’t I reproduce that thing I wrote here? OK.

I haven’t finished the book but have been listening to Armstrong being interviewed by Bil Moyers and Terry Gross. But what I have gathered so far is that God is not a “thing” at all but a wonderment, a mystery, and a need. Ha Ha Ha How stupid, huh? Well, of course, I’m stupid and naive, but I believe it gets back to the Why are we here? question in the sense that nothing might have been here. Get that? The connection between this and the mere “Golden Rule” which she espouses as the most important thing anyone of us can practice is what I’m interested in understanding. I do favor the empathy and the attempt to put oneself in the others’ place, i.e., the “Golden Rule”, and I’ve affirmed her Charter of Compassion. But I’m further intrigued by her concepts of the ultimate mysteries. God?

I probably shouldn’t have included Ha Ha Ha How stupid, huh? Well, of course, I’m stupid and naive, but oh well, it’s there now.


More later on him. That’s it for now.

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  1. Kate’s avatar

    And people wonder why I’m such a self-depreciative gal. I’ve started telling them I get it from you. Ha ha ha ha how stupid, huh? :razz:

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    No No No!! You is not stupid, Kate! And neither is I!

    It’s OK to be self-effacing. That’s what I try to be. But is it fake? Am I really in love with myself? Ha Ha Ha Ha

    It’s probably a ruse just to protect myself from criticism. Although I can’t be sure.

    Tis better to be humble and truly self-effacing, maybe even self-depreciative, than to be over confident, think one knows everything and become a smart-ass.

    Lesson for Kate today from zee olde Dada.

  3. Mardé’s avatar

    That’s the way, Kate.

  4. Aileni’s avatar

    As an erstwhile New Ager, I concur – they are a menace and their new religion is Global Warming.

  5. Mardé’s avatar

    OHMYGOD, not global warming! Anyway, today there is evidence that a New (ice) Age is coming — it was -3F (-19C) this morning here at our place on this hill. Who knows what it was in the valleys!

  6. Jason’s avatar

    Thanks for getting back to me. I’m adding you right now. Take care.


  7. Mardé’s avatar

    Oh oh, Jason, you didn’t add me, did you. I checked.

    I think you’re working for ThatVACATIONfeeling trying to get more links for them. Nice try.

    Sorry, but I’ll be deleting ThatVACATIONfeeling from my blogroll.

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