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…. the fact that our country is once again falling into a morass if not an abyss, namely Afghanistan. Not that it makes much difference what I say here. My loyal readership has dropped down to a precious few, while most of it, such as it is, comes from people searching for Frank Zappa, Pearl Harbor Day, or other things largely irrelevant to the present moment. How did I ever set up this blog for such an outcome?

Anyway, getting back to Afghanistan, Frank Rich in the NYT today has a block buster of an Op-Ed called “The Missing Link From Killeen to Kabul”. I think this is a must read for everyone, even those searching for Frank Zappa. (By mentioning Frank Zappa here, maybe some in their searching will chance upon this post?)

Here is the number one comment by readership popularity on Frank Rich’s article:

Fort Hood is an example of how religious doctrine can be used as an excuse for mentally unbalanced people to assume the role of the God they claim to worship. It’s not only Muslims who fall in this category, but Christians who blow up Federal buildings and murder abortion doctors. It also applies to ultra-Orthodox Jews who assassinate Israeli prime ministers.

There are hotheads of all types and sizes looking for a holy war. Cooler heads should prevail.

Afghanistan is the latest chapter in America’s attempt to play God in another fashion, by recreating the world in our own image. It’s time to quit wasting our soldiers’ lives and our resources and focus on what it will take to finally bring the U.S. infrastructure, education, and social safety net into the 21st century.

This comment, by Aredee of Madison, WI, is getting 560 reader recommendations with the second most popular getting 367. Practically all of the many comments on Frank’s article are for America getting out of Afghanistan. Check ’em out, after you read the article.

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  1. Dragonstar’s avatar

    I sometimes read about America’s politics, but I never feel qualified to comment. Politics and religion stir up a lot of intense feeling – and it’s worse when they walk hand in hand! Mostly I feel political leaders of all kins should be locked up…

    Hope all’s well with you.

  2. Dragonstar’s avatar

    er… I meant to type ‘kinds’ in that last line. 😳

  3. Mardé’s avatar

    Hey, thanks, Dragonstar, for your comments! I haven’t had a comment from a real person (except Kate) for a long time! (And even Kate hasn’t left one for a while. :-( ) I’ve noticed your posts on Facebook, some interesting things. Yes, you didn’t mean to say “kins” for the political leaders! You don’t want to be kin to them when you want them all locked up! 😉 Well, I think I almost agree with you. I was reading the other day where 43% of members of the U.S. congress are millionaires. No wonder the people want one thing and the politicians want another!! Thanks again for dropping by! (Of course, I shouldn’t complain about my small readership when I don’t make posts more than once a month!)

  4. Pete Lenz’s avatar

    Yes, 911 happened and yes it was a terrible crime. Afganistan as a country and a people did not perpetrate it . . . as whole Indian tribes with all their men women and children did not commit particular killings (or generously said, resistance) to certain white settlers in New England or in the rest of the USA.

    But we, our leaders, governments, death squads or the like would most often go out looking for “any Indians” to kill, and did so.

    If this was amoral and wrong then certainly waring on the people, or a large segment of the people of Afghanistan is wrong and criminal in the same way, eh?

    If we bark for “justice” for 911″ we owe the same effort to the nations (or the memory) of the native people we have been the American Alquida for!


  5. Mardé’s avatar

    Hey, Pete, thanks for your comment! You found this old blog of mine!

    Interesting point you’re making. You’re not saying we should go into Afghanistan to save the Afghan people from the Jihadists, are you?

    Sounds like you’re saying we’re attacking the Afghan people like we did the Native Americans in our own country. Or do I have this right? Of course, even our generals say there are practically no AlQeada members in Afghanistan, and the Taliban are native Afghans, except those who come over from Pakistan, of which there probably aren’t many relatively speaking.

    The Taliban are a terrible fundamentalist organization but a lot of Afghans join simply because they don’t want us there and view the U.S.A. as the Occupier. And basically we are that. But to my mind the tragedy is that our young soldiers are being killed for an impossible objective: to support the non-government of Afghanistan in its fruitless task of routing out the Taliban.

    So, we should pull out but if we did Obama would be a one-term president because of the huge uproar that would occur all over this country. Just imagine how our corporate controlled media — not to mention all the right wing crazies — would go after him!

  6. Barbara’s avatar

    Hey there Mardé,

    I heard the news also about Afganistan and I just hung my head & shook it .
    I hate what’s going on over there.Because I loathe war .
    My knowledge is limited but…
    How I would have prefered to hear that the US is going over for doing something positive to help people , instead of potentially killing them.

    I’m sorry if I haven’t been around very much.I’m sorry to hear that your blog is getting less traffic.

    Politics is not something that I have an ease to comment upon, since I’m so far from what is happening across the pond. I’m out of touch, even with all the media, including CNN at home.

    I hope to see you around, my friend.
    Hugs XXX

  7. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks for your comment, Barbara. Yes, it would be nice if we could help people over there. It may not be possible, of course. But it does look like Obama is not going to pull us out of Afghanistan and instead is going to suggest we help their government keep the Taliban under control. This may be a laudable aim, however, it may not be possible to accomplish. Don’t worry too much about being out of touch. One can only take in so much and it’s so easy to spread oneself too thin.
    hugs XXX to you

  8. Kate’s avatar

    I may not comment all that often (same issue as Dragonstar Lady and Barbara..a bit confused and weak on the political rants), but I do stop by a lot.

    (insert smiley face with tongue sticking out here)

  9. Mardé’s avatar

    Hi Kate. I tried to find a smiley face with tongue sticking out but it would mean adding yet another plugin to this blog — too much trouble.

    That’s OK. Some of the best blogs I find scattered around have 0 comments on many of their posts. Not that this blog is that great. But if I can’t rant here, where can I rant?

    If you can’t rant where can you cant? ha ha?

  10. Kate’s avatar

    That’s right, with all your might, start a fight, make it last all night! 😆

  11. Mardé’s avatar

    Good, Kate!!! I’ll sit tight.


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