Equinox and Jung!

Spooky Red Book by Carl Jung appears at fall equinox. The changing juxtaposition of heavenly bodies coincides with the eruption of the unconscious out of Jung, in his own words and pictures.

Mind and body now subsumed by the struggles of soul in the psychic depths of the deep, dark unconscious underworld. Forget your universes upon universes, your ultimate multiverse transcending space and time.

The Jungian underworld takes center stage now as the equinox crosses our horizon. The physic depths upon depths and transfiguration of souls erupt into consciousness, and we see the tips of this ultimate underworld in this great newly translated tome, the Red Book of Jung’s unconscious by Carl Jung himself!

Here’s a couple pages to give a tiny flavor of what’s inside:

Of course it’s all BS but it’s phantasmagorical fun BS anyway.

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  1. Aileni’s avatar

    I believe that s Philemon, I see here.
    Yes, I was a Jung freak, or as I was wont to say, ‘a Jungian bore’.
    So this tome has been released – it was considered a secret in my time of greatest interest. Just as the sealed room at Bollingen.
    I consider CGJ as a great flimflan man – a regular mage of the now-you-see-now-you-don’t kind.
    We have him to blame in large part for New Agery.

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Philemon? You’re right! I just did a Google image search for Philemon and got the exact same picture as the one shown on the left page. Good work, Aileni, I had no idea.

    I too had always been interested in Jung and the possibility of his deep dark collective unconscious, and at times tried to read more of the considerable literature on him, but grew tired of it, and always suspected that the New Agers were reading more into him than meets the eye as they lorded it over my unsophisticated knowledge of the great master’s meaning.

    But don’t you think he kind of believed the stuff himself? You sure he wasn’t flim-flamming himself as well as the New Agers? Part of me still wishes, or hopes, there’s some part of it that’s hitting a truth here or there. But maybe not.

  3. Aileni’s avatar

    I do think he comes closer to giving one ‘a myth to live by’ than Freud. I see Freud as a purient coke-head who turned over the sexual dustbin. As with Jung, there are truths in there but hardly a the basis of an explanation for all behaviour.
    Jung’s trouble was that he couldn’t write in a straightforward manner but Freud could.
    I am sure Jung believed in himself and his mythology. A very complex individual – probably in need of analysis…
    He comes closer to my own myth and I have to give credit where it is due.

  4. Mardé’s avatar

    Interesting views. Perhaps at the time these guys lived it would have been harder to pass judgment. Not sure that I actually have a myth, other than trying to feel how miraculous everything is, which it is….. and then it’s over.


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