I’m a Frank Zappa Site!

It looks like about 80% or more of the visitors I have to this blog now are searching for Frank Zappa! Never knew I was such a resource. So maybe I should change the site name to ZappaSite from SeevsPlace? Hey, and this post will only increase the Zappa hits. Zap Zap WoW!
:mrgreen: 😈 😆 😆 😆
UPDATE: I’ve already got 5 visits to this post in the last couple hours. See the sidebar. I’ve got ten times more Zappa hits than the next most frequent.


  1. debi’s avatar

    You goofy kid. :mrgreen:

  2. Mard’s avatar

    Goofy kid? Who? Frank Zappa? :mrgreen:
    He was pretty goofy but RIGHT ON! 😎

  3. geologyjoe’s avatar

    are you a dancin’ fool too? 😛

  4. Mard’s avatar

    Must be! I’m being zapped by Zappa fans from around the world!
    😆 :mrgreen:

  5. Kevin’s avatar

    Hey there – I actually stumbled upon your website because of Frank Zappa. I was looking for an image to make an avatar out of so I googled for Zappa images. You have an image from a post you made in July of 2008 that is a Zappa Prayer card of sorts. It’s great BTW! I am assuming that since this image is really unique and shows up on the first page of google images that it may be the reason us freaks are finding your blog.

    So we freaks have found you! And if it’s alright with you I’ll keep visiting in the future. Zappa is (was) the man – but so is Bill Moyers! Peace!

  6. Mard’s avatar

    Hey, Kevin, right on! Yes, I figured maybe those Zappa Prayer cards might have rung bells. Hey, I’m a freak too, albeit an old one. No problem there. Yes, by all means, keep visiting in the future! It isn’t as though I’m swamped for readers on this lefty type blog. Glad you like Bill Moyers too. What a breath of fresh air he is. Peace!!


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