Wicked Storm!

Hey, last Friday we came back home from Massachusetts to a nice afternoon, if a bit cloudy. We had been visiting my old buddy and colleague, Nadim, and had been to a party over at Johann’s. Nice party amidst the Austrians and former colleagues. But I digress. Around 5 o’clock I think it was the winds and rain and lightning and thunder began with a vengeance. Our lights pulsated off and on, and the trees outside seemed to snap back and forth. Some of the lightning bolts seemed to be landing right outside the house, fortunately not on it! This went on for way too long! But we never completely lost power during this. Everything was calm the next morning. Then around 8am our power went off, and it stayed off for almost nine hours! I yanked out our 5K Honda generator around 3pm, I think. It ran well and gave us some power until 5:20pm or so when our power was restored by good old CMP.

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