Vesper Service Last Evening

Hey, we had a pretty nice “vesper service” Sunday eve over at the West Paris UU church. The topic was FEAR. Sounds good, huh? BOO! But I like the opening and closing statements. The rest was good too. Here’s the opener:

There is a love that restores the soul,
a love that makes all things new,
a love that will not ever let us go.
May we trust in that love.
May we rest and be held by that love.
Even when we cannot believe it exists,
love is all around us, among us, inside us.
May love speak through our lips,
Hear through our ears
now and always.

Here’s the closer:

Safety is not the most important value.
Let us encourage one another
to live our lives with passion and risk,
to find something important to serve.
Caring makes us vulnerable;
still, let us go toward life
as if our fears had taken a deep breath and
calmed down.
Let us go toward life.

There were 13 of us there including Richard Beal, our minister. A couple of new people, the Dewings seemed pretty interesting. Turns out Mr. Dewing attends Shaker services down in Shaker Village, Maine, and his wife gives guided tours there. Doug Leathem was depressed because his dog died. (I won’t sing, “When the dog died, we had hot dogs.” and didn’t sing it then.)

About 30 slips of paper were passed out from a basket passed around. These were all various quotes having to do with fear and how to handle it. Then we gave our reactions in a kind of Quaker meeting style. This was very interesting. (The Shaker got to act like a Quaker.) Then we had a period of silence. Then we had another song to sing before the closing words. A pretty good evening.

Next week the topic’s gonna be Generosity. It’s over at the Norway UU church and starts at 6:30pm Sunday eve. Come on down!

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  1. SleepyLaKate’s avatar

    When the dog died we had hot dogs?

    What do you have when the cat dies?


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