Feeling Better for Now

Yes, I seem to be feeling better for now after I stopped that metronidazole antibiotic and started on Imodium. The metronidazole antibiotic had almost run its 7-day course but I didn’t take the last two pills. My almost constant diarrhea urges seemed to stop when I stopped the antibiotic, although on Tuesday starting right away on the Imodium — four pills a day I was told to take by the Doc — has brought a complete stop to the diarrhea. Now will my problem be constipation? I’ll be going back to Stephens hospital tomorrow for my blood test to check on my INR level. The INR was high on Tuesday because of the antibiotic — I didn’t get the number — so I was told to stop the Coumadin until I get my next blood test tomorrow. This morning I had my normal pre-diarrhea breakfast of one egg on toast, juice and coffee with half a banana. Isn’t this all fascinating?

But what is really bothering me at the moment are the fascists in this country shouting down health care reform at the Democratic town hall meetings. I won’t say any more on this because I’m too pissed off.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention: I probably have a touch of Irritable Bowell Syndrome (IBS). Maybe that’s why I’ve become irritable? Ha ha?

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  1. debi’s avatar

    You know what I don’t get? There’s RECORDS in the Hawaii *state*cough*state* archives. And these conspiracy nuts are claiming that the family phoned the birth announcement info in to the newspapers. Yeah, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. They knew when this baby was born that HE was going to be President. The chosen one LOL. Dalai Lama, Pope, Baby Yeshua or something. Unbefreakinlievable.
    That and “Mom pants”. If what he wears are “Mom pants”, then I’m the freakin Baby Papal Dalai Yeshua.

  2. debi’s avatar

    OOPS…sorry forgot to say get 100% better soon! Eat Organic bananas! Me thinks Kate knows where to get ’em!

  3. Barbara’s avatar

    Hi there Mard,

    I’m glad that the Immodium helped. I know that one due to our purchases for when we travel. ( trying to avoid suffering from “turista” type problems) It is a very good med.
    I’m hoping that your tests will be fine.

    All you got to do is take it easy and listen to the Doc.
    You might want to leave your rantings until you get back to “fighting shape”. Then, they will have to watch out; Mard will be back & biting !!

    Get well soon !

    Hugs X

  4. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks, Debi and Barbara. Yes, Imodium seems to be the best med against the dreaded diarrhea. This morning my intestines have been gurgling away like mad without producing anything. At least that’s better than producing too much, eh? Yes, Barbara, I should control my rantings because I read that stress exacerbates IBS, the Irritable Bowell Syndrome which I most likely have.

    Yes, Debi, you capture my feelings completely re those lunatic fringe crazies — sadly, there are tons of them in America — of the birther movement who stretch reality beyond the breaking point just to satisfy their compulsive need to destroy Obama because the stupid nativists can’t accept the fact that a black man is president. Is there any hope left for America with so many of these crackpot nativists around contaminating the airwaves and town hall meetings? (Oh oh, better be careful, can’t get too stressed. 😈 )


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