Brains Turned to Mush

Most popular comment on Paul Krugman’s Op-Ed this morning:

I’m beginning to believe that George W Bush was the president the American people deserved. I can’t believe the take away from President Obama’s press conference was his comment about the idiocy in Cambridge. The American people’s brains have been turned to mush. Too much Fox News, American Idol, etc…has rendered people into easily duped dolts. We now have a chance to take a positive step towards fixing our Health Care embarrassment, and the debate is off the charts ridiculous. In a simple nutshell: do you want to keep being screwed by the Corporate Health Insurance Companies, or do you want to move towards fair, moral, universally accessible Health Care. It’s that simple.

Thank you Mark C. from San Francisco.

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  1. debi’s avatar

    He wears comfy jeans. So what? If he wore tight cowboy nuthugger ones they’d be picking on him too.
    Jeez. I’ll show you mom jeans LOL. My pants are elasticized and baggy. Who cares. I wanna be comfy, and got tired of wasting money outgrowing jeans.

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Hey, I don’t blame you, Debi, at least your brain hasn’t turned to mush. But is Bush’s brain elasticized and baggy, as well as mush?

  3. Tim’s avatar

    Bush’s brain? Isn’t that oxymoronic?

    I caught Krugman on yesterday’s “This Week with George S.” and you could feel him simmer as the panel blathered on about the “Skip” Gates dust-up. (They’re on a nickname basis with the prof, evidently.)

    How smart of Krugman to rest much responsibility for America’s brain-mushing at the feet of FOX News and “American Idol.” With each passing day, I’m more convinced we’re unwitting targets in Rupert Murdoch’s comic-book fantasy of one day ruling the world. And I’m starting to think CNN and CNBC have signed on as his henchmen. If they can keep us poor and focused on trivialities like the President’s jeans and the professor’s problems, they’ll also keep up sick and tired–literally–because we missed this chance to fix our healthcare system.

  4. Mardé’s avatar

    Wow, that’s well said, Tim! Thanks for that excellent comment. Yes, it does appear we’re unwitting targets in Rupert Murdoch’s comic-book fantasy of one day ruling the world. He himself would be a comic-book character if he weren’t so dangerous and powerful. Your last sentence says it all (substituting “us” for “up”), and perfectly captures my fear too of what may happen, in fact is happening.

    I’ve been going nuts trying to understand the health care reform processes in the house and senate. What a mess it’s in! The power of big insurance and pharma is awfully hard to combat even if much of the public does want a public plan. And again, the media sees to it that the public stays fearful of government programs. What to do!


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