Bouncing Boltzmann Brain

MadPriest is deep into religion as science and science as religion. Out of this he concludes for the nonce that he’s a Sexy Pantheist. Fascinating speculation, I call it. Check it out.

I’d better correct this. It’s not MadPriest who says he’s a Sexy Pantheist. It’s John Shuck! See the first comment here for MadPriest’s correction of my statement.

Also, you might check Zaius Nation (linked to in MadPriest’s post) to find out what Easter is really about.

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  1. MdPriest’s avatar

    Thanks for your kind words Mardé and for understanding that I wasn’t being as flippant as it may have seemed at first. But, actually, it is John Shuck who refers to himself as a “sexy pantheist” and not me. I do have the occasional moment of pantheistic fervour but, unfortunately, “sexy” is not a word I could honestly use about myself anymore :)

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Yes, I had it completely wrong about who was the sexy pantheist. Just now I reread the post and of course it was John Shuck. But it was your speculation, MadPriest, about the Boltzmann brain that was fascinating and just as meaningful, it seems to me, as attempts by some scientists to eliminate God by invoking the multiverse and its Boltzmann brains! Who knows what lurks in the heart of the universe(s)?

  3. debi’s avatar

    Off topic, I know, and I’m sorry, but what will we find out within the next few days regarding Falin-biggest scandal yet, or moneymaking opportunities abound? Clothing/jewelry/eyewear collection on HSN, book deal including the “Fertile Myrtle cookbook”, “Guide to celibacy for teens living in the boonies”, the “You betcha…I cranked out half a dozen kids and I still look this good guide to exercise, diet and time management for working MILF’s…and you can too!!” Reality TV show “Sarah & (what was his name again?) Plus 5 (or was it 6?) or talk show like octomom, or last but not least, the “former governors issue” spread in Playboy?
    One thing’s for sure, if she couldn’t commit to/handle a full term as governor…

  4. Mardé’s avatar

    Hey, no problem, Debi, I hear what you’re saying. And a bouncing Boltzmann brain isn’t too far from a bouncing fake politician like Sarah Palin, who, in fact, may be the silliest politician to hit this country since, well, since Mark Sanford.

    I got a kick out of those quotations you give in your comment. They’re all hilarious and right on the mark — whoops, did I mean on the mark sanford? Well, yes, that too.

  5. Brendon’s avatar

    Really i didnt sexy pantheist of that kind!

  6. MadPriest’s avatar

    My goodness! In my lunacy I have somehow managed to reconcile classical physics, quantum physics, the existence of god and Alaskan politics. I better start writing the book before someone else cashes in on it.

    Would you like to organise the first international conference, Mardé? Somewhere, pleasantly warm with good beer, if possible.

  7. Mardé’s avatar

    Yes, MadPriest, but let’s start with the pleasantly warm with good beer. Then we can invite Sarah Palin to play Schrodinger’s cat at our international conference. We wouldn’t even need the Multiverse for that!

  8. MadPriest’s avatar

    Brilliant. All we would need is a reasonably large, AIR TIGHT and secure box. (The air tight is my idea – I don’t think Schrodinger actually specified air tight but science must move on).


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