63rd Coming Up

Hey, the wife and I are going to my 63rd high school reunion tomorrow. After 63 years why bother? Good question. There will be perhaps three or four members of that class of 1946 present. Let’s see. Who will they be? OK, me, Shirley Burne MacDougall, Claire Ferguson Tappening, Helena McKniff “Mickey” Crocker. Is that it? Not much out of that class of 36 members, eh? Well, there are more than four alive but they don’t chose to come. Why not? Well, maybe they think, “I never sat down at lunch with them then. Why should I have dinner with them 63 years later?” ha ha A good one for sure.

The class wit, John Joseph Waugh, will not be attending. That’s too bad because he could liven things up, like he does through his emails. But he is suffering from pulmonary fibrosis which as he says is a progressive disease, and it would be too uncomfortable for him to make the trip from North Carolina, oxygen tank and all. So, yesterday I put his phone number in my cell phone under “Waugh”, and will give him a call during the banquet.

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  1. NK’s avatar

    Hey OB,

    I see it will be only women and you…Good genes triumph in the end!!

    If you got time give me a ring….Maybe I join you for a cold one.


  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Hey NK!

    Thanks for the comment. It’s been quite a while, for sure. Not like the old days when it was just you, me, and zgirl here.

    Jah, it’s true there are more women alive from our class of 1946 than men, so maybe I’m an outlier? Every day is a miracle for me!

    Well, we’ll be getting to the Hampton Inn in Westford about 4pm, probably exhausted from our long trip down from Maine, and tomorrow morning we’ll have to visit the graves over at the Fairview Cemetery, so there probably won’t be much time. I’ll ask Cynthia what she thinks though. Does the wife know best?

    Cheers and thanks for your comment!

    ps. Hey, have you checked my Facebook page? I got some congrats there on my 63rd.

  3. Mickey’s avatar

    Hey, Marde, you forgot Marie Ricard Deloge,,,she never misses a reunion and she did in fact come last evening. Remember many years ago you told me it was quality that counted, not quantity???? So there now, we did make it and true, we all missed the Great Waugh but enjoyed the dozen roses he sent to our table. always on the ball, is John. as for me having a blog,,,surely, you jest, it is all I can do to receive and send e mails!
    watch those black flies and ticks…just keep moving!!
    love ya, Mickey

  4. Mardé’s avatar

    Hey, Mickey, thanks for your comment!! YES, I forgot Marie! How could I?! She was a lot of fun at our table. Kept Cynthia busy while I walked around.

    YES, the Great Waugh made his presence known with that enormous bouquet of great red flowers, and now he’s sent another email blast with tons of questions for us all. I figured I better answer him fast.

    OK, you do extremely well with the emails, Mickey, answering everyone faithfully. So don’t worry about a blog: just comment on mine when you have a chance. That will be good enough!

    The black flies have now just about gone, but the mosquitoes will be moving in soon, not to mention the horse flies, and of course the ticks are always sneaking around. Ya gotta be tough to live in Maine!

  5. Minds Erased’s avatar

    63rd. Wow. Good for you. I’ve refused every invite I’ve received to any school reunion. Who needs it when you’ve got Facebook, and people you barely remember from high school typing every 46 minutes with the report of “I’m washing Ian in the tub and he’s making a mess!” or “Gone to get groceries, BRB!” Nauseating. I can’t imagine a whole roomful of people spouting off about how significant their lives have become. You’re made of stronger stuff than I, my friend. Hope you and “the wife” (a phrase the usage of which has always irked and amused me at once) had a nice time.

  6. Mardé’s avatar

    Yes, ‘the wife’ and I had a reasonably good time, although ‘the wife’ couldn’t even wear a name tag. BoooHooo Must be interesting to be irked and amused simultaneously. We 80 year olds have lots of life, at least timewise, to brag about, but we mostly took pictures of one another, just to prove I guess that we’re still alive after 80 years? Well, when I was your age — I’m guessing you’re a twenty or thirty-something — I didn’t go to reunions either. Who knows? Maybe when you hit 80 you’ll feel differently? But maybe not.


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