Mind-Blowing Springtime

Is it that mind-blowing? Depends on where you are I guess. Here in western Maine it’s a pretty normal spring. Lotsa cool rainy days with some sun, that kinda thing.

The flies (black) are out in force now. It’s hard to just stand still without a swarm building up around you. But yesterday I went for a quick walk through the woods around our property across the street and managed to avoid being bitten. That’s because I kept going.

Oh, I haven’t been doing much blogging of late, or even worse, visited anyone else’s blog. I’ve been distracted by a lot of other things. But I did change the heading picture — got rid of those porcupines and added my old Spring has Sprung header, with a new title about what Spring has Sprung means heah in Maine.

Oh, and I just added a neat colored twitter badge. But is twitter starting to loose its popularity now, just as I get interested in it?

Yesterday I found a great tutorial on the brain, the human brain. (I’m trying to find out how it works before I lose too many more neurons.) It’s a great informal lecture series in about 50 or so YouTubes by a guy by the name of Walid Aziz. And there is this wonderful psychedelic music in the background that really helps. It’s amazing in fact. I did the first 19 of them, not that I absorbed it all.

Today we’re having another Growth Group meeting over at the Bridgton library. The purpose is to plan how to increase attendance and church membership at the First Universalist Church of Norway Maine of which Cynthia and I are members. One thing we want to do is think of another name for Growth Group because it’s too easily slurred into Grope Group, and that’s NOT what it is.

Other than that I still enjoy singing in Heather Pierson’s choir at the church, enjoy the challenge of being the church treasurer, still have difficulties sleeping, still watching videos on the Science Network, but not doing as much blogging or reading other people’s blogs as much as I used to. Can’t do everything.

Maybe I’m going through a phase.

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  1. SleepyLaKate’s avatar

    😆 Grope group! Ha ha!

    That’s right Dad, you just can’t do everything. But you do a lot, especially for a super OG! You brought all that stuff to the dump yesterday, and went for that nice walk. And the church treasury stuff takes a big chunk of your time. I mean, a person’s got to have time for a NAP once in a while, too, right?

    I haven’t been blogging too much this month either, but I did post one last night. Not really very interesting to you, but you can read it sometime, if you feel like it. It isn’t going anywhere.

    I’m sure I’d never find the time to watch all those YouTube brain videos though, so don’t even expect me to! HA!

    Well, off to my low-paying but mildly gratifying and sometimes frustratingly boring job I go! Weee!

  2. geologyjoe’s avatar

    well, maybe ‘grope group’ would bring in a lot of others to your church. im not sure you’d want them there…but it might bring then in. 😀

  3. Aileni’s avatar

    I too have been conspicuous by my absence – so I am returning your visit.
    I am not sure where my routines went except I was building up a domain site that is now, suddenly, no more due to poor husbanding by the host. All my images decayed which threw the theme I run into a total mess. I departed Blogger for a time but am now back in force.
    Today Meri and I became Grandparents for the second time with the birth barely two hours ago of Dylan.
    I started out as the only child who looks so worried in the swan post – now look at me!

  4. Mard’s avatar

    Hey, congratulations, Aileni, on the birth of your second grandchild, Dylan. You lost some images but gained a new human, well, in your family tree, that is. Great husbanding! Must feel great! Congrats to Meri too!

    We’re still calling the group by growth group, easy to slip into grope, and we’re having a dance at the church next Friday (the 22nd) where we may have a lot of groping, called the Spring Daze Craze featuring The Suspects, a handcuffed dance contest, and other wild events, including pies for sale, so who knows, we might grope our way into membership growth, or maybe even make some money!

    Think about coming to the Spring Daze Craze, Kate? You too, Joe! And maybe a flyover from Ireland, Aileni? You’ll all be guaranteed to have a great wild time!

  5. barbara’s avatar

    Hi Mard,
    Looks like you are keeping busy and doing some satisfying activities here & there.I can say that I’ve been in the same boat. And in general just picking up, my strenght since I was operated on 2 April.I’ve been picking up my reading habit along the way.

    Been there, done that too with the slow blogging periods ! Don’t worry about it.

    Pretty clever your Spring blog title, even if it is not all that pleasant for you guys !

    Have a great weekend, my friend.

  6. Zhu’s avatar

    I noticed the new header and I like it!

    I have just subscribed to Twitter as well, I guess I’m not avant-garde 😆

    The weather in Maine (one of my favorite state) must be quite similar to Canada’s. Unpredictable… and moody!

  7. Mard’s avatar

    Barbara — Thanks for your nice comment and good luck on your continued recovery of strength. Glad you like the new header — it’s appropriate. We’re literally swimming in black flies, it seems, but I haven’t seen a single tick yet. Maybe the flies are eating them!?

    Zhu — Glad you like the header! Twitter is not avant-garde? Yes, the weather in Maine can be quite like Canada, especially in the Maritime region. Today we got up to cloudy cool weather again. Yes, it can be unpredictable and moody.


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