Central Station Comes Alive!

I found this fascinating video on the blog of Missy, and it’s a hum dinger and real pick me up. Watch this amazing dance group take off on “Do Re Mi” in the Central Station of Antwerp, Belgium, at rush hour. It electrifies and charms the place out of its gourd maybe even drawing a smile from the staid old station master announcer! Watch the expressions on the people’s faces. Totally awesome!


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  1. barbara’s avatar

    Hello Seev,

    Yeah; I saw this one at Missy’s blog !
    It is a blast :)

    Hoping that you are doing fine. Are you all thawing out & getting some nice Spring weather ? I hope so.

    Have a nice Sunday.

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Yes! We’re all thawed out, Barbara, and some nice spring weather has arrived. This dance group performance to that music is out of this world! For some reason I keep watching it; the expressions on the people’s faces are lovely to watch as well.


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