Prostrate Prostates

In my younger days I mis-pronounced prostate as prostrate. When my uncle Morton had prostate problems, my uncle Gordon smiled in condescension at me when I said, “Too bad about Morton’s prostrate.”.

Well, that was then. Now I know better, being of the prostrate age myself, and having some prostrate problems. Like on Nov. 1 of last year when I fell prostrate and unconscious on the bathroom floor after taking that Cardura pill.

But also I now have real prostate problems. Not cancer, as far as I know, but BPH problems. I like the first letter of that: Benign.

Anyway, it’s turning out that the famous PSA test isn’t so useful for detecting prostrate prostate cancer after all.

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  1. SleepyLaKate’s avatar

    I saw that on the news (the one that you hate so much) last night. Interesting.

    You really need to write more about your Uncle’s dad, or at least about your reactions to your Uncles..
    (hey, what did you do with the smiley face guys?)

  2. barbara’s avatar

    Hey Mardé,
    How are you ?
    Not treating prostate problems as laughing matter but your “prostrate” meoirs made me chuckle :)

    Men and women each have their things and I’m so glad for you that it’s in the bengin dep’t. Though it really doesn’t help to have a test that’s unreliable… I shudder at the idea of a mistake.

    Stay healthy and keep on laughing; it’s good for your health !

    Cheers .

  3. barbara’s avatar

    sorry Mard; that was memoirs and not meoirs .

  4. Mardé’s avatar

    Kate: You mean Katie Couric? Oh, I don’t hate her, just the stuff she’s sometimes given to read. My Uncle’s dad? You mean my grandfather, your great-grandfather? That’s old Homer. I wish I had known him more, but I was only 12 when he died.

    Barbara: Glad you got a chuckle out of my prostrate confusions. I thought you might have been referring to a cat with prostrate problems. You know, meoirs sounds like meeows.


    YES, where have my smileys gone? Another problem I’ll have to fix!


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