That Mainstream Media!

Finally, a piece that describes exactly how I feel: Media OUTRAGE Over AIG! What a Crock! Thank you, M. J. Rosenberg! Here’s his piece in its entirety:

Did you see Jake Tapper of ABC getting getting all medieval on Robert Gibbs at the White House yesterday? When did the President first learn about the AIG bonuses? Would you give us a tick-tock on what he knew, how he knew, and what his reaction was?

And the newspapers are going nuts. Outrage is the #1 headline word of the day. And the pundits are wondering: is the bloom off the Obama rose?

I have two words for the MSM: shut the f— up.

For eight years, the Republicans gave unprecedented trillion dollar bonuses to the richest people in America. They took the Clinton boom and intentionally turned it to bust. On top of that, they lied us into a war that killed 4000+ Americans and maybe a million Iraqis.

Where was the MSM’s OUTRAGE then? Was David Gregory outraged when he boogied with Rove at the press dinner? Did any of his colleagues join Helen Thomas when she asked some really hard questions at the daily briefings? No. They laughed at her for taking it all so seriously.

But now they are GENUINELY outraged at a Democratic President who is trying to fix a mess that occured in part because they refused to challenge the big scarey Republicans. Chutzpah. They are so full of shit I’m going totally Lewis Black on you.

God, I hate the MSM. Obama should ignore them. Most Americans do.

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  1. Mardé’s avatar

    Oh oh. I see Robert Reich is worried about the way the Obama administration, and in particular, Tim Geithner, is handling the AIG situation. The transparency is not really there, Reich argues. And it appears he’s probably right. Reich may be right. Did I, or rather Rosenberg, speak to soon?


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