Accountable to No One!

Just finished Robert Reich’s great piece on AIG. He sums it up: AIG, being “too big to fail”, is accountable to no one. The “accountable to no one” is the really scary part. This sure is an example of capitalism run amok. We have a competition between the government and the big corporation. All these anti-government people take note. Who would you prefer run the country?

We just had a lovely corn beef dinner over at daughter Kate’s prepared by Don. Absolutely scrumptious!

Looks like the weather is finally moderating. Can spring soon be on the way?

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  1. Debi_in_Hawaii’s avatar

    Those greedy corporate sons of itches!

    Did you have green beer? My baby girl has her St. Paddy’s day bowler hat…ready for duty tomorrow. Cause we got a wee bit o’ Irish LOL

  2. Minds Erased’s avatar

    Those greedy bastards, eh? No big surprise there. Every man for himself, that’s the joy of capitalism, isn’t it? He with the biggest stash (not ‘stache) wins! Wins what? Well, who knows?

    Speaking of high on the hog, sounds like your kin folk take good care of you. Glad to hear there’s some decency left in the world.

  3. Mardé’s avatar

    Hey, thanks for your comments, Debi and Minds. Yes, those greedy itchy corporate bastards love the every-man-for-himself form of capitalism with government out of the way, unless of course they need a hand-out, then the gummint is told, Hey, we’re too big to fail, bail us out! Who runs this country anyway? Then of course there was Mussolini, famous for making the trains run on time…else, off with they’re heads. Can’t we just have a nice welfare state like Sweden? Yikes! What am I, a socialist or something?

    Hey, today is green day, in more ways than one. Debi, I’ll be looking for that pic of your baby girl (nice lil doggie?) in her bowler hat. Bet she’ll love it.

    Yes, ’tis good I got decent kin folk livin next door what take care of zee olde guy from time to time, well, a LOT of the time.

    I gotta go…


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