Wicked Heavy Snow

OK, it wasn’t as bad as last year at this time. See Snowy Hills and Valleys from February 16, 2008. But it was bad enough! Wet and heavy as all hell! The stuff kept clogging up my snow thrower, especially today. Last night we got a few more inches of the wet stuff to add to the eight or so inches we had gotten the previous night. I had enuf trouble yesterday with the snow but today was even worse, even though there was less of the stuff!

Here’s our driveway after we finally finished it this morning. Note it all melted leaving a bare surface. Shows you how wet it was. Beside the driveway pic is my shovel after slicing some bricks out back to get the snow off our Honda generator platform. Each pic can be enlarged by clicking on it, and clicking twice makes it even larger.


UPDATE: Oh, oh, more sounds-like-wet snow coming Sunday afternoon. Will we have fun in church? Will we make it home afterward? Will we be sure to bring my cellphone? Will we even go? Who knows? Will the cows come home?

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  1. GeologyJoe’s avatar

    sure was heavy.
    ill tell you though, you just cant beat a paved driveway when it comes to snowblowin and shoveling.

    take it easy out there M.

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    That’s right! Without that paved driveway we’d be sunk. We got that paved driveway as soon as we moved in back in 2000. Yup, I’m taking it easy cause I got the wife to help me! (I have to run the machine though)

  3. debi_in_Hawaii’s avatar

    yikes! I send you some Hawaiian sunshiny rays to melt that stuff!
    Be careful driving

  4. Mardé’s avatar

    Hey, that’s the way, Debi. Thanks for the sunshiny rays but right now it’s snowing again. Heavy snow tonight say the weatherpersons. yikes is right!

  5. Kevon Edmonds’s avatar

    It seems we always get this kind of weather around mid february as I remember similar escapades two years ago as well. It’s really rough out there though with a lot of ice. Worst kind of snow!

  6. Online computer science degrees’s avatar

    From what I can see in the photo, your yard looks beautiful! We have had our fair share of snow this season here in Chicago, nothing really that heavy though (at least when it was fresh). We have had up to 2ft though, and it’s been bitterly cold so be glad it’s just snow by you. Regards and good luck shoveling!

  7. barbara’s avatar

    Hi Mardé,
    How are you doing ? Can’t wait for Spring I bet ?!
    Snow is hard work ; I just know it too, and we don’t even have one half of what you guys have !

    Take care & stay warm !

  8. Hip Hop Music’s avatar

    I really can’t wait for Spring to come. We thankfully have avoided snow like that thus far in February (for the most part lol)… only a few more days to March. BTW, great pics!

  9. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks for your comments. Yes, Kevon, mid-February can be a bad time weatherwise. Last year it was real bad here. I doubt if we can compete with Chicago, ocsd, in the long term. Yes, Barbara, it’ll be great when spring comes. Then I can start complaining about the black flies and ticks! haha And you can’t wait for spring either, hhm! I guess where you are there’s not much snow though.

  10. Zhu’s avatar

    Ah, the joy of shoveling the snow… it´s beautiful though, but it gets tiring after a while. Courage — spring will come soon.

  11. Mardé’s avatar

    Spring? What’s that? It was 10F when I got up this morning, but at least the sun is partially out. Yes, the snow has been a beautiful white this year. (Isn’t it white every year, one might ask.) Ah well. 😉


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