Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

Bob Hebert has another great Op-Ed in the NYT this morning. He points out that what is needed are jobs, jobs, jobs! Tax cuts for individuals and businesses won’t achieve that. Here’s what Herbert says:

The economy will not be saved by putting a pitiful $500 into the hands of the average taxpayer. And it won’t be saved by gift-wrapped concessions to the G.O.P. in the form of business tax cuts that the president-elect is said to be considering.

So how do we create jobs?

And the way to create jobs is through infrastructure investments (building and repairing roads, bridges, tunnels and water and sewer systems); and by investing in 21st-century clean energy initiatives, in public transportation systems, and in school construction; and by providing access to health care for the millions who don’t have it.

Let’s hope Obama doesn’t get hooked by the madness of “trickle down” in his search for the bipartisan solution. With the present slate of Republicans — Mitch McConnell and company — bipartisanship may be impossible.

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  1. Clarissa’s avatar

    Last night I heard on NPR that Obama and his top economic advisor Lawrence Summner had met with members of Congress and told them the same thing. I agree that with more jobs lost since the late 1940’s there is a need for jobs not a measily $500 tax rebate.

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Hey, thanks Clariss, for your comment! At his press conference yesterday, Obama did say there was no “Pride of Ownership” and even acknowledged that Paul Krugman’s views could be acted upon. Let’s see what the final plan turns out to be and hope for the best!


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