Gary Snyder

My buddy Tom from out there near The City (San Francisco, you know) sent me a heads up on that old poet Gary Snyder resurrecting himself with a book of his letters with Allen Ginsberg covering 35 years. I’m intrigued because Gary is almost my age and has already won a Pulitzer Prize for Poetry. Here’s one of his poems which rings a bell with me because I’d like to have the experience:

Three Deer One Coyote Running In The Snow

            First three deer bounding
and then coyote streaks right after
                 tail       flat out 

I stand dumb a while       two seconds
blankly black-and-white  of trees and snow 

            Coyote's back!
	good coat, fluffy tail,
sees me:          quickly gone. 

I walk through where they ran 

to study how that news all got put down. 

                                    Gary Snyder 

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