Snowy Snow Snow!

Yes, we’ve got a lot of snow already. Even ahead of last year at this point I bet. Another 12 to 14 inches here yesterday. And a “mix” coming on Wednesday. Yuk!

Cynthia and I braved the elements yesterday and headed for our UU church in Norway, Maine, leaving a bit before 9am. No trouble at all getting there. The snow hadn’t started yet. But during our church service the storm began.

We were having an exciting and amusing Solstice service. Noise makers and drums were brought in to chase away the darkness and witness the return of light and life. So, as we had fun banging and clowning around, the snow began to build up outside.

Hey, we had some serious aspects to the service as well. It wasn’t entirely Pagan, but did have a bit of the Christmas cheer with tree and all, plus some messages for the Christians among the sparse congregation.

Needless to say, we left for home, normally a 35 minute drive, right after the service. We did fine, driving very carefully behind lines of cars behind snow plows, until we made the turn onto rt 117 to Denmark.

Then suddenly, with no warning from anybody (not even from God), we spun off the road. I watched in horror from my driver’s seat as our Subaru Forester slid past a road sign and to the right of some birch trees, and came swinging around down an incline to rest beside a small house. We were unscathed but a bit traumatized.

Suddenly people seemed to appear from nowhere. A small truck with a plow stopped up on the road, people got out and came down to us, a friendly guy from the house came to my window. “Hey, with a little help I think you can back out of here!”, he said.

The people in the truck maneuvered it down by the house and started removing snow from behind our car. Cynthia was invited into the house. Shovels went to work and I was told to back up slowly. Before I knew it, the car was freed and ready to go.

I thanked the people profusely, drove back to the road from the driveway, and followed the savior truck, ever so carefully, back toward Denmark, and then made it up the hill and home.

All this time it had been snowing without let up of course. What a exciting and interesting day we had! Whew… we were sure happy when we emerged from our car safely at home.

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  1. SleepyLaKate’s avatar

    “Whew… we were sure happy when we emerged from our car safely at home.”

    Yes, so were we! Talk about feeling kind of helpless over here! Though we could have come down in our fancy 4WD Jeep, the conditions were so very bad, it would have been perilous for even us.

    Glad you’re okay. :???:

  2. debi’s avatar

    I’m glad to hear you are both fine! I can’t imagine how it must be to have to drive on snow or ice. But I know how that helpless feeling of having no control of the outcome…I once went on to the on-ramp to the freeway and it had a few drops of water from the overpass above. In my 3,300+lb. Firebird, spun out in a 360. There was nothing I could do as I was coming up to concrete wall on my right side one second, then steel guard rail on my left the next. It came to a stop on a dirt mound that I had already passed. Neither a scratch on either me or the car and I’m so lucky no one was in front or behind me when it happened. I have seen MANY cars and trucks that actually met up with the wall though, and the wall has many scars to prove it.

  3. Minds Erased’s avatar

    Holy hand grenades! I’m glad you and the little lady escaped unscathed! Mother Nature sure can be a relentless bitch, eh?

  4. Aileni’s avatar

    What and adventure. Glad you are ok (understatement).
    BTW the tree is Pagan too.
    Have an uneventful Yule from now on.

  5. Mardé’s avatar

    Hey, thanks for your comments!

    Yes, Kate, we were sure happy to be home! Fortunately, we got out of the whole event unscathed along with the car.

    Wow, Debi, now that’s a scary event, doing 360’s on a freeway on-ramp in a 3,300+lb. Firebird! No piles of snow to soften the blow if you rammed that wall.

    Yes, Minds, Mother Nature can be a relentless bitch and she’s so unpredictable too. Holy hand grenades!

    That’s right, Aileni! The tree is Pagan too. Shows you how brain washed I’ve become to think of it as a Christian thing. Well, of course we’ve commercialized Christmas up to the hilt, so to speak.

  6. Zhu’s avatar

    Wow, just the thought of snow is very exotic to me right now!

    Wish you a happy 2009 ;-)

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