The Ice Storm Cometh?

Wow, as I sit here this morning in front of my monitor, every few minutes experiencing a brief power outage and recovery, the ice outside is merely frightful. Let it Ice, Let it Ice, Let it Ice! The weather is so undelightful!

Slowly the ice is building up on all the branches, bushes, trees and houses in Maine until finally we have the BIG C


Yesterday morning I wrote the incomplete sentence above, and appropriately enough we completely lost power just as I was about to put RASH after that big C. ha ha But good old wordpress save what I had written and now I can complete it, just about 24 hours later.

I had “fun” getting our Honda generator going yesterday which partially restored our power, at least heat and light and a few wall switches. Good thing it was fast moving ice storm.

So, the ice storm cometh and the ice storm goeth away. Time marches on. Who knew what the Shadow knew. 😯 😎

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  1. debi_in_hawaii’s avatar

    We still have our rain and wind 😥 I have a section of drywall that’s damp and rotten now (next to window, which was closed shut!)

  2. Dragonstar’s avatar

    Very nice to have that saved! Is that a regular feature of WordPress?

    I hope your winter isn’t too hard.

  3. Mard’s avatar

    Wow, debi, I don’t know which is worse: ice and snow or constant rain, dampness and mold! Is the world really going to Hell in a wet and icy hand basket? ha ha? 👿 :roll:

    Yes, wordpress saves your post as you are writing it, maybe every few seconds or so. Our winter hasn’t been all that great yet. By ‘great’ I mean great with snow, rather than with sunshine. 😉 :roll:

  4. savarino’s avatar

    it’s warming into the 40’s here in san jose. that’s bitter cold here.

  5. Mard’s avatar

    You PB! 40 is warm as toast heah.

    Thanks for your comment, Tom!

  6. savarino’s avatar

    not that you would care, but it was 28 here this morning, there are
    nine inches of snow on mt hamilton, and out furnace went out.
    just like old times in Carlisle, except we can flush our toilets

  7. Mard’s avatar

    Hey, jeez Tom, that’s too bad yer furnace went out. Of course I care!

    And 28 is awfully cold fer you guys. Wow, nine inches of snow on mt hamilton! But at least you can flush yor toilets!!

    How come you couldn’t flush yer toilets in Carlsile?


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