A Night to Remember

Here it all is, that great night of November 4, 2008, Barack Obama Elected 44th US President, a Daily Kos video by Jed Lewison:

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  1. Zhu’s avatar

    The speech was great and I’ happy for the USA. A night to remember, indeed…

    No immigrating to Canada for a lot of you guys, you can unpack, no more Republicans! You can still visit us though 😉

  2. barbara’s avatar

    Hi Mardé,
    I slept through all that ! I know, I missed out but, it was the end result that was the most important !
    Like my friend Zhu says, you don’t need to flee to Canada now 😉

    Take care Mardé.

  3. Mardé’s avatar

    Yes, Zhu, the speech was great and Obama is such a breath of fresh air. The latest New Yorker mag has a must read article The Joshua Generation by David Remnick. I’ve just started it. And yes, I don’t have to move to Canada! I’ve always liked to visit but have mainly visited the Maritime provinces. A different atmosphere there from the US.

    Hi Barbara. I slept through the most exciting parts myself, retiring just before 11pm. But I cheered when I got online the next morning. I was already pretty sure he’d win, but seeing the reality really did it! You take care, too.


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