Lee Goldsberry

Lee Goldsberry is a clear eyed thinker, modest, and an overall good man. He’s a candidate for the Maine House of Representatives District 99. (Whatever happened to Agent 99, by the way?) District 99 has five towns and three counties represented in it: Baldwin in Cumberland County, Cornish in York County, Denmark in Oxford County, Limington in York County, and Sebago in Cumberland County. So that’s a cross section, you might say, of some of the small towns in South-Western Maine.

Lee is currently an Associate Professor of Education at University of Southern Maine, headquartered in Portland, Maine. He has four major planks on which he is running for this District 99 seat: Clean Water, Economic Development, Energy, and Education, and he has innovative approaches in each of these areas. Here they are in greater detail.

  • Clean Water: Maine clearly needs to protect its groundwater from pollution and from commercial exploitation. Lee will energetically pursue legislation to protect Maine’s wealth in clean water for our children and grandchildren.
  • Economic Development: The cost of living is on the rise in Maine. Lee will strive to strengthen our economy through property tax relief, affordable health care, and quality jobs.
  • Energy: Pursuit of sustainable resources will eliminate our dependence on expensive, foreign oil and will create quality “green collar” jobs in Maine, strengthening our economy.
  • Education: As a professor and school board member, Lee will strive for educational excellence starting from pre-school through graduate studies, giving Maine’s students the necessary tools to succeed in today’s changing job market.

Lee will also put a large emphasis on communication with voters. Here is his statement on this:

Leaders in Augusta need to interact and collaborate with town leaders, business leaders, school leaders and citizens. If elected, communication with local leaders will be a priority. I will develop web-based communication and visit the five towns regularly to assure healthy civic interaction. Each citizen matters.

On Wednesday, as I noted in my previous post, I put up a few Lee Goldsberry signs on Hancock Pond road here in Denmark. Someone else had already put up several and I added to them. We’ll need more signs.

I like the top line on Lee’s sign: Lee for ME, with the bottom line Goldsberry. One could take that either as Lee for Maine, or simply as Lee for me, in addition to the intended Lee Goldsberry for Maine. Yes, Lee is for me and for Maine, and I’ll be voting for him on November 4, a good man!

Let me just add that Lee is running against Ralph Sarty, the present occupant of House Seat 99. Ralph defeated Kate Smith in a close race a year ago. I’ve blogged about that in other posts here.

UPDATE: Here are the election results as printed in the Bridgton News today, Nov. 6, 2008. Sarty was the winner with 53.4% of the vote. Note that Goldsberry carried his home town of Cornish by 65.5% while Sarty carried Denmark, his home town, by 71.1%.

TOWN Sarty Goldsberry Percentage
Cornish 262 498 65.5% Goldsberry
Limington 885 904 50.5% Goldsberry
Baldwin 446 337 57.0% Sarty
Sebago 584 389 60.0% Sarty
Denmark 482 196 71.1% Sarty
TOTAL: 2659 2324 53.4% Sarty

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  1. Missy’s avatar

    I love how you are motivated to do grassroots activism.

    It’s a beautiful thing.

    One of the reasons I’ve given you a little award–stop by my place to pick it up.

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Belated thanks for that nice award, Missy. I could be doing a lot more in the way of grassroots activism, but I do get exhausted and often lose heart. At least Obama did real well last night. This election is such an open and shut case and it horrifies me to think that America still might elect that old buzzard and his high school girl VP.

  3. steve woodcock’s avatar

    did he win on 11/4/08

  4. Mardé’s avatar

    No, Steve, he didn’t make it. Ralph Sarty has been reelected.


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