Ban Humans!

That anonymous blogger who goes by the intriguing name Minds Erased has come up with a great idea for fixing the financial mess we’re in now: ban humans! Of course we’re stuck with the present bunch of humans — happily, Minds doesn’t suggest euthanasia for the elderly as a solution to this, and I readily agree (ha ha!) being “an elderly” — but he (or she) certainly has a basic point, which the Chinese already have agreed with. Check out his (or her) post; it’s hilarious and also deadly serious. Go get ’em, Minds, but just don’t throw out all the babies with the bath water, just enough to keep the human race from erasing itself altogether! Oh, I don’t know, maybe there’s an argument for that too! :mrgreen: 😆

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  1. Dragonstar’s avatar

    There’s a lot to be said for this, but I’m afraid my family has reached the age where they’re determined to increase like mad!

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Yup, that’s the thing, Dragonstar. It’s kinda hard to stop them once they’re out of your control, grown up and all….. and determined to proliferate! Of course, it’s much easier for some to proliferate whereas for some others no matter how hard they try they can’t proliferate at all! Minds would probably say, “That’s great! Don’t proliferate!”.

  3. Minds Erased’s avatar

    I knew you’d get a charge out of my latest rant. Thanks for the cross-posting and support! And no, I’m not calling for mass genocide or euthanasia or anything quite so Orwellian. I just think we need, as a species, start using our big heads about how we use our little ones! HA! :mrgreen:

    Too many damned mouths to feed – and clothe, and house, and educate, and employ, and on and on. When are we going to realize that planet Earth is a finite, fragile place that doesn’t give 2 shits about our biological clocks or carrying on the family name?

  4. Mardé’s avatar

    Hey, thanks, Minds! Yes, you are very right! I just took a quick google at the population problem, and it’s amazing how rapidly things are taking off. Exponentially is a very bad way to go! We — the whole human race — has got to stop it, because we’re not that technologically advanced that we can move to another planet or space ship yet! Yes! Too many damned mouths to feed! There may be no family names soon if this keeps up.


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