Fighting Voter Suppression

I’ve just been reading in Mudflats and Talking Points Memo about the latest Republican voter suppression efforts, this time in Michigan. The GOP plan there is to deny voters with foreclosed homes the right to vote, or in other words, lose your home, lose your vote!

The Obama campaign is filing suit against this and seeking an injunction to prevent the GOP in Michigan from carrying out this suppression technique. The suit is worded in such a way as to invite the court to recognize that this is just a local instance of a state and national campaign of voter suppression on the part of the GOP. Here is the link to the Obama campaign’s filing.

Mudflats also references a 501-type organization called Black Box Voting funded by citizen donations. This a nation-wide elections watchdog group which has been growing fast. Here’s a key paragraph from Mudflats:

The election watchdog group Black Box Voting, has sent out the following request. If you are not familiar with this group, you should be. The website is extensive, and there’s also a great documentary Hacking Democracy (available on Netflix) which tells the story of this organization and the amazing woman who started it all. This is possibly the single most important issue facing our country, because without preserving the integrity of the vote, we have nothing.

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