Start Wearin’ Purple!!

Hey, the world seems to be going to Hell in a Handbasket what with the financial world shaking at its roots and in its boots, and the right-wing political world going insane (note their presidential pick) and bizarrely corrupt (note their VP pick), in fact, it’s so crazy everybody might just as well start wearing purple! In fact, Gogol Bordello already advised this some time ago:

I know, I’ve already posted this before. But the appropriateness of it seems to keep coming up.

Oh, and incidentally, Debi in Hawaii has spotted a person wearing purple now. I think it’s catching on fast!

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  1. Minds Erased’s avatar

    Isn’t this funny – the neo-cons thought that the purple Teletubby was gay. Purple seems to be avoided my macho men because of its feminine quality as a color (whatever the hell THAT means). But did you know? – purple is, historically, the color of royalty, because purple dye was very once very rare, and only obtained from the secretions of a certain periwinkle, so, if you had money, you had purple clothes. I guess tailors and seamstresses and the like were too stupid to realize you could mix red and blue together. Dummies!

    A little history lesson for you. So, really, purple is an elitist and fascist color. So, start wearin’ brown! The color of dirt, and soil, and hard work, and grit and elbow grease. Dress in brown for the man who is down!

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Very good, Minds! You are indeed a fount of much knowledge and insight! Quite a thing about purple being for royalty. Yes, I think in all the technicolor movies about kings and queens and in picture books too the kings and queens do in fact wear some purple. Now I know why.

    And by George (not our W.), you’re right! Wearing brown is the thing to do if you want to identify with people who actually do the work of the world. Of course, Gogol Bordello is doing a massive takeoff job on the color purple, or maybe just being a champion of a favorite Gypsy color.

    Thanks for the comment, Minds. Are your Minds really erased?

  3. Minds Erased’s avatar

    My mind is not erased, but many minds are, in fact, erased, and washed clean of a single, pure, original thought.

    Dress in brown for the man who is down!

    Dress in brown for the man who is down!

    Dress in brown for the man who is down!

  4. debi’s avatar

    Remember “Heaven’s Gate”? Didn’t they all have purple sheets? Maybe they even drank purple koolaid.

  5. Mardé’s avatar

    Minds Erased: I fear you are correct. But hey, can we conjure a tune to go with “Dress in brown for the man who is down!” ??

    debi: By George (not W.), I think you’re right! Those Heaven’s Gate people probably wore purple sheets and drank purple koolaid. Lemmings on their way to the cliff, just like the erased minds that Minds Erased speaks of!

    Well, Gogol Bordello still cracks me up! He’s having fun anyway as he goes insane.


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