Marijuana Reform

I subscribe via email to the Marijuana Policy Project Alert which comes from the Marijuana Policy Project. The Alert I received today has the title, Decriminalization campaign announces prominent endorsers and twelve prominent endorsers are mentioned. A video was also included with the title, Profiles in Marijuana Reform by Rick Steeves. Makes sense to me. Here it is, a bit over four minutes long:


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  1. Aileni Noyle’s avatar

    I am actually in favour of the complete decrimialisation of drug use – even though I abhor the habit.
    If drugs were available pharmaceutically pure across the counter at a fixed price, the whole criminal aspect could be swept away, the rug pulled.
    Or am I an innocent. I think of Prohibition.

  2. Clarissa’s avatar

    Hey–interesting story! I’ll sends this to some folks I know who are in favor of de-criminalizing mary jane. Apparently there are some health benefits to it in addition to what is commonly understood about medicinal use (helps with queeziness). Another aspect of this is the ban on hemp. The seeds are highly nutritious, oil made from hemp seeds is a source of omega-3 and 6, and the fibers from hemp make amazing soft clothing, and the strongest robe there is–so there’s a need to change the legal status of this plant.

  3. Mardé’s avatar

    Hey, Clarissa! Welcome to the blog! Interesting information about health benefits and strong fiber. Yes! It should be decriminalized for many reasons.

  4. eulogy examples’s avatar

    I think making it legal is a big step forward. It has to be done with more care.

    Making it legal has its pros and cons.

    The cons being that these criminals can now roam around in the streets without any fear and so on.

    The pros being that many innocent youngsters who were pulled into this can be saved.

  5. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks, EE, for your comment. I think a key point is that with legalization there will be far, far less incentive for criminals to become involved. The money they can make will be gone, basically because of the legalization and control.


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