Tiptoeing Through Mud!

E. J. Dionne, Jr., of the Washington Post has it right! Obama has been tiptoeing through the mud. He needs to lash out and hurl both facts and mud back at those lying scum McCain and Palin! Here are a couple paragraphs from Dionne’s Op-Ed today:

Here’s the problem: Few voters know that Obama would cut the taxes of the vast majority of Americans by far more than McCain would. Few know Obama would guarantee everyone access to health care or that McCain’s health plan might endanger coverage many already have. Few know that Obama has a coherent program to create new jobs through public investment in roads, bridges, transit, and green technologies.

In short, few Americans know what (or whom) Obama is fighting for, because he isn’t really telling them. And few know that McCain’s economic plan is worse than President Bush’s. As Jonathan Cohn points out in the New Republic, McCain would add $8.5 trillion in new debt over the next 10 years. It’s McCain who should be on the defensive.

And here’s Dionne’s closing paragraph:

McCain has shown he wants the presidency so badly that he’s willing to say anything, true or false, to win power. Obama can win by fighting for what he believes. What he can’t do is wait for the media to call McCain out — although they should — or expect voters to know he’ll fight for them when they are not yet sure that he’s willing to stand up for himself.

And it’s going to be doubly hard for Obama to do this because of the gutless, corporate controlled MSM’s determination to present two sides of every issue even when one side is an obvious lie. GOBAMA GO !! You’ve gotta to do it to save this country from irresponsible and cocky wackos like McCain and Palin!!

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