Bad Disney Movie

Matt Damon tells it like it is, and like it could be: “Oh, she’s a hockey mom from Alaska, and she’s the president! It’s like a bad Disney movie!”


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  1. debi’s avatar

    I like how you couldn’t stay away from this. You did promise you wouldn’t write about P—- but since you didn’t actually use the name P—- in the thread, and typed in “she” and ‘hockey mom’ (brilliant, by the way…bows to Seev again and again) technically you did keep your promise LOL

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Hey, Debi, you’re bowing and scraping to me? Old Seev here? Otherwise known as Mahdee or Mardé or 1e? Well, to be honest, I can’t wriggle out of this one! I was referring to she who shall be nameless but begins with a P, and we all know who she is! I AM giving her too much attention! I had a post back there called “A Distraction”, and now I’m not following my own advice! But I’m planning on a new post called “Fighting Back” which will give the latest fighting back speech of Barack Obama and a great Jon Stewart sequence. Stay tuned to old Seev for the latest in political commentary!
    😉 :roll: 😆


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