Sam Hearts Sarah!

Samantha Bee, that deliciously over-the-top comedian correspondent for Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, tells it like it is: “As a proud vagina American myself, I’ll be voting for McCain in November…”. Why? Because the woman Sarah Palin is his running mate of course! Hilarious!

NOTE: The video I previously had here is “no longer available”, so, I had to replace it with a slightly longer one of a little over 4 minutes run time.

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  1. Minds Erased’s avatar

    Hysterical! I really laughed out loud at this. Sadly, though, many women do (and will) mindlessly vote with their vagina, not realizing that voting for a Palin ticket is a vote for the worst for all women in America. (Just what McCain and the GOP machine are hoping for, I suppose). Just like many people will (or in some cases, won’t) vote for Obama simply because of the color of his skin. But I don’t hear too many Dems complaining about that possibility.

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Yes, I think this over-the-top sequence, and hilarious acting by Samantha Bee, is poking fun by exquisite exaggeration at the illusion that Hillary supporters will flock to the McCain ticket simply because McCain’s Alaskan barracuda of a VP pick is a woman. As you say, Minds, probably a number of women will be sucked in by this, although I think such women will mainly be members of the wingnuttery crowd on the far right.

    But as far as Dems not complaining about Blacks voting for Obama just because he’s Black, I’m one Dem that does not complain, simply because even though I’m not Black myself, I can empathize with those Blacks championing their identities as Blacks by voting Obama, if that’s what they are doing, considering how their race has been treated throughout American history.

  3. Missy’s avatar

    Meant to tell you yesterday–I loved this! So funny; I was watching in my office (at church) when a parishioner came in to register her kids for religious ed. I had my back to her and didn’t realize she was there. OOPS! That’ll teach me to blog from work!

  4. SleepyLaKate’s avatar

    “Sadly, though, many women do (and will) mindlessly vote with their vagina, not realizing that voting for a Palin ticket is a vote for the worst for all women in America.”

    Perhaps. But it goes both ways.

    I asked a young (27 year old) male friend today what he thought of Palin’s speech / message, and he replied with something like “I don’t know! I was too distracted by her hotness to hear what she was talking about!” I’m more worried about men voting mindlessly with their dicks.

  5. Mardé’s avatar

    Wow, Missy, I hope that parishioner had a good sense of humor. It would be real hard to pass Samantha Bee off as the Church Lady. Or, maybe if worse came to worse you could have explained that the computer was having a sudden V-chip failure? hahaha?

    Hey, right on, Kate! Yes, as a man, I can well imagine what you say could, would, will happen, that some men will vote with their dicks, and probably not just red necked Nascar or snowmobile “dicks” either. My only advice if such a temptation rears its ugly head (ahem) is for the tempted guy to beware the hotness trap of the medusa barracuda, because otherwise he could find himself dickless! YAHooooooooooooooooooo!


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