Many Mansions

In the house of God, whoops, I mean, of McCain there are many mansions. See this 4-minute video for a description of these many McCain mansions. Hear McCain’s prescriptions for what should done about the enormous increase in housing foreclosures. Short answer: not much, just don’t expect government handouts!


UPDATE: McCain doesn’t even know how many mansions he owns.

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  1. Border Explorer’s avatar

    Hypocrite! It becomes more and more difficult to wrap my mind around the concept that ANYONE in the vast majority of the electorate (the top 3-5% economically excepted) could possibly consider this man as a presidential leader. Where are their HEADS?

  2. debi’s avatar

    I hope you don’t mind me trolling here, but I’m bored, soooooo eventually I’ll be trolling on everyone’s blog. Bwahahaaaa. :mrgreen:

    I thought that was very strange too. I mean, I could understand a question like ‘how many cavities have you had in your life?’ and honestly not knowing the answer, but THIS? :roll:
    It’s either a coverup, or a HINT OF ALZHEIMER’S! 😯

  3. Mardé’s avatar

    Border Explorer, I have the same feeing. Where are there HEADS? But that’s the problem of course. It’s hard to get into someone else’s head. What seems obvious to us seems absurd to someone else and vice versa. It comes down to beliefs and emotions in the end. Frustrating? Yes.

    Hey, Debi, keep on trolling! I suppose one could excuse him on the basis he doesn’t know his wife’s business? Many of the super rich don’t know the details of their properties. They let their lawyers and accountants handle the details while they run off to the golf course, or conduct a presidential campaign. So, he has a colossal nerve accusing Obama of elitism!! Of course, as you say, maybe it’s a HINT OF ALZHEIMER’S!

  4. Aileni Noyle’s avatar

    Hi Mardé,
    I am going round warning folk thatI have chaged my URL.

    Binden is a new one on me – what is your take ? I undersatnd he is good on Foreign Affairs. That would be a good thing.


  5. geologyjoe’s avatar

    hypocrite is right on. maybe he donate acouple of houses back to the system. but that wouldn’t be very ‘republican’ of him.

  6. Mardé’s avatar

    Aileni, I’ve changed your link. Yes, Biden is good on Foreign Affairs and also he’s an aggressive talker and a good politician, almost Bill Clinton-like in his ability to communicate.

    That’s right, Joe, it would not be very ‘republican’ of him to donate a couple of his houses back to the system. We can’t encourage people to be shiftless and lazy, can we now! BWAHAHAHAHA

  7. Protection eau’s avatar

    I’m french and that kind of videos remind me the electoral campaign in 2007 with Sarkozy. Similar videos appeared with the subject “the real sarkozy”… but now, he is our president !

  8. Mardé’s avatar

    Interesting about Sarkozy. I certainly hope the same type thing doesn’t happen with McCain. But I’m sure it could. Thanks for your comment.


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