Dangerous McCain

This is a new 5 minute video, Republicans and military men on John McCain, by film student Aaron Hodgins Davis with a soundtrack “Lux Aeterna” by Clint Mansell. It offers some opinions of McCain from his own party and military “comrades”, and it captures what a dangerous warmonger he really is.


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  1. Stairway to Phoenix’s avatar

    There is award for you on my blog

  2. Aileni Noyle’s avatar

    I see in the press that McCain is closing the gap on Obama – how can this be ?
    The man is obviously mad. If he gets in, how soon the Draft ?
    It all does not bear thinking about.

  3. Mardé’s avatar

    Well, the polls are quite variable but I think Obama maintains a small lead overall. But yes, the wonder is why his lead isn’t much greater. I just hope against hope that racism isn’t at the root of it. But Obama is trying to hew to a fine line, pleasing progressives at the same time that he makes himself acceptable to some conservatives. Hope it works and I hope he doesn’t get too conservative in foreign affairs, and also domestic affairs. We’ll see who he picks for VP. But yes, I agree, McCain is quite mad. Coming down to “anybody but McCain”.

  4. Minds Erased’s avatar

    I’m sure racism is at play. There is no doubt in my mind. People really are that ass backwards, still, in this country. But, by the same token, there are hordes of African-Americans who are voting for him *because* he is black. Which is worse? Hard to say, really. Both are pretty mindless. Anybody but McCain, indeed, although I’ve blogged ad nauseum about my disgust with politics in general, as you, Marde, are well aware.

  5. Mardé’s avatar

    Ah, yes, Minds, I am aware of your disgust with politics and I share a lot of it. Then again people are neither all good nor all evil but somewhere in between, so I hope I go with the lesser evil flow, where I’m not thinking of evil in the absolutist sense, and where I’m saying that the perfect can be the enemy of the good. But still I could be wrong and maybe I should just sit out the election. However, I don’t blame blacks for voting for black candidates, given their powerlessness in the face of white power, much less now than before, but still not gone away. I think the white racist is not so much championing the white politician, although often he is, but voting against the black one, whereas the black racist may feel he’s supporting his identity in the face of the repression he’s experienced over the years. But I suppose you could say these are equally bad even though in terms of power the white person generally has more of it? OK, Minds, you win!
    :roll: 😆

  6. ivanorhoward’s avatar

    this is by far the absolute best video on John McCain I have seen so far. Kudos!!! I have tried posting the link to some blogs but this needs to be THE next viral video, what are you doing to get it out more?

  7. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks, IvanorHoward, for your opinion. Yes I do agree. But this video already peaked on the Viral Video Chart over a couple weeks ago. See here. It’s still getting comments currently on YouTube however. See here. I’ve gotten a lot of searches for Aaron Hodgins Davis. He did a great job with this, and the soundtrack by Clint Mansell is great too.


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