Start Wearin Purple … Now!

Hey, this place has been gettin pretty dead lately. How about a little Gogol Bordello to liven it up? START WEARIN PURPLE>>>NOW!



  1. Missy’s avatar


    Poor Marde! You must be so lonely to be listening to accordion music–it does chase the blues away, doesn’t it?

    Off to put on something purple.

  2. Mard’s avatar

    Way to go, Missy! Once in a while, ya gotta wear purple! Thanks for gettin in the spirit of livening this place up.

  3. barbara’s avatar

    Wow !! That really wakes you up !

    I don’t know this artist; I feel like I’m in a film in some Russian retaurant , though I did pick up a few French words in there…

    Totally wacky 😆

  4. Mard’s avatar

    Yes, it’s totally wacky. Gogol Bordello (assumed name) is an Eastern European working in New York City and has a soft spot for the Roma people.

  5. Danielle Vyas’s avatar

    😎 😛
    This is why I love you Marde! This is such a great song!

    Light and love the whole day long.



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