Two Oil Rigs?

Juan Cole provides an interesting news item from Aljazeera this morning: “Almost all of the wealth generated in Iraq comes from two off-shore oil rigs. Guarding these sites is a priority, not just for war-torn Iraq, but for a world in which oil prices have touched record highs.

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  1. geologyjoe’s avatar

    The new layout looks great.
    Hard to belive that their $$ is only comming from two rigs.
    Either that, or the oil from the two make more $$ than we could imagine.

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks Joe! It’s time I made a change to that red layout.
    These oil rigs are export terminals, not drilling rigs, and they get 93% of the oil from Iraq through creaky and sabotage prone pipelines across the wide Iraqi deserts. Here’s a NYT article out today, TH REACH OF WAR: MARITIME DEFENSE; 15 Miles Offshore, Safeguarding Iraq’s Oil Lifeline, that tells more about those terminals.


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