Here’s Frank Zappa away back in 1974. That’s some 34 years ago, would you believe. Well, it’s pretty fresh and Frank has great fun right off the bat!
To hear Frank Zappa in a Crossfire interview back in 1986, see this post by mindserased. All he is saying, is what’s wrong with words?

UPDATES: “My best advice to anyone who wants to raise a happy, mentally healthy child is: Keep him or her as far away from a church as you can.” –Frank Zappa. See PrayerCards for further quotes and image:

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  1. Minds Erased’s avatar

    Yes, Frank is indeed the man! Or, was.

    Glad to see I’ve drawn you into the FZ fan fold.

  2. GeologyJoe’s avatar

    I remember the first Zappa song I ever heard was Dancin’ Fool.

  3. Minds Erased’s avatar

    Dancin’ Fool – another classic!!

    “So smoke your little smoke, drink your little drink, while I dance the night away…”

  4. haberman’s avatar

    Frank is my hero we would listen to his stuf on a realy old merantz tuner that was so powerful we had 4 aMPS HOOKED TO IT ”” lOUD AND CLEAR WHAT A TREAT/// THOUGHS DAYS MENT SO MUCH TO ME I GOT A TATIE OF HIM

  5. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks, haberman, great you got a taste of him.

  6. Joe Destruction’s avatar

    Frank Zappa is and always will be the master! Master composer, master guitarist, master social satirist and commentator; there will never be another like Frank!! All hail St. Frank!!!

  7. asdrubaletto’s avatar

    I remember when I saw The Maestro in concert.

  8. John M.’s avatar

    My wife and I went to Baltimore in honor of his immenseness. Very nice turn out, maybe 1,500 in all. It is such a joy to be around those who GOT IT. Great conversations to be had from all. I got Saulius to take a pic. with me, after he was taken pics. OF ME. Tried to get a street banner but his english wasn’t so well. Even got Ahmet and Diva to come out to the crowd on Frank Zappa way and sign things. Frank is sorely missed, imagine all the material from this administration…..

  9. Mardé’s avatar

    Congrats, John, on making it with your wife to Baltimore in honor of his immenseness. Yes! I can imagine all the material from this administration that he could take great advantage of.


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