MEDIA Can’t Get It

Listen to Matt Lauer of MSNBC keep hyping the Iraq flip-flop narrative. Matt either doesn’t get it or doesn’t want to, probably the latter. But now Obama has the Prime Minister of Iraq on his side! Worth a listen. :-)


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  1. AR, Insurance Planner’s avatar

    well, I am not the person to deal with Politics. It is not my cup of tea but I am surprised to see people fighting in politics for land and what not….. but they don’t know that we all have die one day and everything would be left on the earth as it is and that is a fact.

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    People in politics fighting for land? How about the whole human race, i.e., history of, fighting for land.? And yes, a lot of people, whether consciously or not, deny that they’ll have to die some day. But is the land really left as it is? Well, we can’t take it with us. Sounds like you might think we need insurance?

  3. Joe’s avatar

    😀 Why do they still discuss about this?

  4. DD’s avatar

    This talk of timetables is just appalling. HOW DARE WE haggle over how long it’s going to be until we step down our terrorist invasion?

    If that phrase shocks the reader, then they’re not being objective. The United States invaded a recognized independent state and proceeded to slaughter tens of thousands of its civilian population. That is terrorism. Calling it collateral damage in a benevolent mission to rescue a people from a ruthless dictator is Orwellian doublespeak.

    The motivation is IRRELEVANT. To even mention it is offensive. “Yes, we’ve slaughtered your people and ravaged your country, but we meant well.” Disgusting and shameful. If the goal was to oust Hussein, that could have been done by other means. But that isn’t for us to decide, anyway. I’m not a fan of the CIA meddling in foreign affairs, as it has always done.

    As for the nuke excuse, HA! Even if Hussein was openly waving a nuke at the US like a giant cock, it wouldn’t justify an invasion.

    It is unacceptable to discuss timetables. We could load every last invader on a plane and have them home in a matter of DAYS, not even weeks. It should be done as fast and feet can run and planes can fly. We can leave our weapons of mass destruction behind for the Iraqis to defend themselves with.

    P.S. Obama is an equivocating pussy.

  5. Mardé’s avatar

    Yes, we invaded a recognized independent state and slaughtered tens of thousands. But these people we slaughtered were not all innocent men, women and children, many were but many others were not; many of these were slaughtered by their own people: Shiites slaughtering Sunnis and vice-versa. And if we immediately pulled every last invader out of there in a matter of days, leaving our weapons behind, what do you think would happen? I’d say there’d be a mad rush for those weapons and most likely more tens of thousands of innocent or not innocent people, mostly Iraqis, killed.

    Again, what I think you’re doing, DD, is painting everything in black and white colors when the reality is sadly gray. Obama was right when he said we must be as careful getting out of Iraq as it was reckless going in. The object is to minimize deaths on all sides. Of course I could be wrong, and I’ll admit that.

  6. DD’s avatar

    The only shades of gray I see are in the definitions of the words used. When the US does something, it is benevolent. Period. Oh sure, the US makes mistakes and commits unfortunate blunders, but it ALWAYS holds the moral high ground, and it is unthinkable to suggest otherwise.

    This is obscene.

  7. Mardé’s avatar

    Who says the US always holds the moral high ground? Not me. Not Eric Alterman, author of “What Liberal Media”, not Arriana Huffington. I just single those two out because they are liberals I like to read. Of course Chomsky tends to scorn liberals.

  8. DD’s avatar

    Chomsky scorns hypocrisy, wherever he sees it. This is what I admire in him, because it is woefully rare. Most people tend to think they are motivated by all the right reasons, so their behavior is excusable, even when objectively reprehensible. Chomsky mocks this, and I love to hear him do so, because it needs to be mocked and hardly anyone else is willing to do it.

    A person doesn’t get to pin a “Proud Liberal” button on their chest and become immune to criticism. Lies, hypocrisy and BS need to be exposed wherever they exist.

    The neoliberals are just as bad as the neoconservatives.

    Anyway I’m sorry if I’m coming off as argumentative. I’m a moody sort, and I’ve been fired up lately. I was on a self-imposed hiatus from blogging; I probably shouldn’t have decloaked just yet. 😛

  9. GeologyJoe’s avatar

    Laure is just another talking head with a salary as fat has his head.

  10. Mardé’s avatar

    I hear you, DD. I get fired up too, and mighty pissed off at times: “I is pissed!”. But I still like liberals and consider myself one. I’m a fan of Eric Alterman and have been reading his Altercation blog for several years now. I used to think Chomsky was great too, but have cooled on him as is obvious to you. Anyway, DD, keep up your good work! Your blog is a very thoughtful one.

    Right on, GeologyJoe! That Matt Laure is definitely a pumped-up goody-goody guy who goes along with the prevailing MSM views on everything, with a salary as fat as his head, as you say!

  11. DD’s avatar

    Thanks Mardé. I’m a liberal too, BTW. A huge flaming one! I just don’t consider all self-professed liberals to be the genuine article. Many of them are neoliberals.

    BTW, anyone who uses the term “MSM” can’t disagree very strongly with my assessment of the media and the boundaries they set. 😉

  12. Mardé’s avatar

    Way to go, DD! Be flaming and not neo! I hope I’m that too. But of course I could be wrong. Still, of course I could be right.

    Yes, I agree with your assessment of the media. My buddy (in a manner of speaking) Eric Alterman has this little paragraph in yesterday’s Altercation:

    From Eric Boehlert: The Beltway press corps has become so borderline dysfunctional that even the simplest tasks, such as selecting which stories to cover — such as using common sense — now escape most of the major players at the mainstream news organizations. That’s why Jesse Jackson and the “nuts” story was mentioned more than 900 times on television last week. But John McCain’s comment about Social Security in this country being “a disgrace” was mentioned just 24 times.

    Incredible! Eric (Alterman, that is) also often includes a “McCain Suck-up Watch” in his Altercation blog.


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