Gotcha Fox!

Juan Cole presents this video on how Fox Producer Porter Barry ambushes Bill Moyers at the National Conference for Media Reform 2008. Later the Fox Producer gets a little taste of his own medicine. Very interesting live show!

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  1. Danielle Vyas’s avatar

    My ultra-leftists networks spread this video so far and wide during the last few days.

    In my world, Amy Goodman is the Goddess of Media and Bill Moyers is the God of Media. I have tremendous respect for the man and was introduced to him through the PBS series he did with Joseph Campbell, another icon of mine, called The Power of Myth. He is quite an educated man and skillfully and tactfully dealt with O’Reilly’s producer.

    On a personal note, I hope all is well in the land of “How Life Should Be”

    In light and love


  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Yes, I loved the way Bill handled that slime bot from Fox News. Bill took control of the conversation and I think the guy was surprised at Bill’s tenacity. Then the guy gets his own heckling as he walks out. Great stuff!

    I well remember, too, that PBS series on the Power of Myth with Joseph Campbell. That was a great one.

    The land of “How Life Should Be” had a little trouble this winter with its unrelenting snow, and now summer has come with full force, although it cooled off a bit today.

    Thanks for your message, Danielle, and my best to you.


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