Ted Kennedy

Ted’s successful brain surgery today is great news. How many remember his great speech of nearly six years ago? Perhaps if he had been listened to then we might have avoided the debacle that is Iraq. Thanks to Brian Donohue for reminding us of this on his dailyrevolution.net blog. Here’s the link to Ted’s speech. That the MSM not only ignored the speech at the time, but essentially ridiculed it as some far out leftist tripe has been brought out by Eric Boehlert. Thanks again to Brian Donohue for this link.

Here are some of the key passages in Kennedy’s September 27, 2002, speech, as listed by Eric Boehlert:

* “[T]he Administration has not made a convincing case that we face such an imminent threat to our national security that a unilateral, pre-emptive American strike and an immediate war are necessary.”

* “[T]he Administration has not explicitly acknowledged, let alone explained to the American people, the immense post-war commitment that will be required to create a stable Iraq.”

* “A largely unilateral American war that is widely perceived in the Muslim world as untimely or unjust could worsen not lessen the threat of terrorism.”

* “War with Iraq before a genuine attempt at inspection and disarmament, or without genuine international support — could swell the ranks of Al Qaeda sympathizers and trigger an escalation in terrorist acts.”

* “[I]nformation from the intelligence community over the past six months does not point to Iraq as an imminent threat to the United States or a major proliferator of weapons of mass destruction.”

* “[T]here is no clear and convincing pattern of Iraqi relations with either Al Qaeda or the Taliban.”

And this great foresight was essentially ignored by the MSM and/or referred to as unpatriotic ranting.
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  1. barbara’s avatar

    Very enlightening…

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks, Barbara. Yes, it’s too bad it wasn’t listened to.

  3. Minds Erased’s avatar

    Ted Kennedy – a good senator, but a bad date.


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