Mem Day

We had a great Mem Day service in church today. That’s our UU church in Norway, Maine, pretty small as churches go, but we’ve picked up great enthusiasm in the last few weeks. Not sure why. But there you are. But getting back to the service today: Richard (that’s our minister) was in great form and had some wonderful thoughts. The thing about him is that he’s a regular person, not at all remote as some ministers, with their egos, tend to be. I get along with him great. He’s got a self-effacing sense of humor, just like me. But getting back to his thoughts, he emphasized memories, memorials, throughout the service. We were all asked to speak out and mention names of loved ones who have passed away. Many people spoke out. We must have had a good 25, maybe 30 people in attendance today. Our music went well too. Heather, our music director, led us in an enchanting and mesmerizing anthem about the Goddess, our returning, etc. Right now as I write this I can’t remember the details. So much happened today, I just can’t reproduce specifics. But we did pick up a new church member today, a very nice person named Trudi, didn’t get her last name. Our Growth Group met after church and Trudi became a new member of that. “An Inconvenient Truth” was shown at 1pm for those who hadn’t seen it. And now people are chatting and laughing upstairs while Clarissa and Eryn prepare supper so that Cynthia doesn’t have to do it.

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  1. Joyce Hopewell’s avatar

    Hi Mard – long time no chat as I’ve been visiting family in the US (flew over Maine & saw all the snow you had start of April!)My son & his wife in Houston did us proud & they have recently been talking about Memorial Day. Your version/experience is interesting. Is UU church United Unitarian – or something else! If so, it sounds very like our Unitarian church here, which is where I infrequently go, but am always given a warm welcome.

    Bye now and take care,


  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks very much for the chat, Joyce. Yes, it’s been a long time, but of course there are too many blogs and too little time! Yes, even in early April we still had a ton of snow. It all went fast. Hard to remember now how deep it was. UU stands for Unitarian Universalist. Back in 1960 the Unitarians merged with the Universalists in this country. I even sang in a large choir at Boston’s Symphony Hall at the celebration of the merger. So, the Unitarian church you drop in on occasionally is part of our denomination! Yes, we UUs and Us aim to please and welcome everyone! Thanks for your news and take good care.


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