Snow’s Going!

Yes, the last ten days have seen a major decrease in the level of snow. Our well head first became visible again just a few days ago and now most of it can be seen. Well, it’s not in this picture below but if you compare this one with the April 7th picture you can see the big difference in snow levels.

I had fun walking up and down our dirt road this afternoon poking around with my walking stick. The temp was in the upper sixties and there was this roaring current under the snow on the shaded side of the road. The stream broke through in a few places but clung to the side as it roared down the hill. The sound of the roaring water can be heard for quite a distance away.

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  1. Dragonstar’s avatar

    So the snow’s on the run at last! Glad to hear it. Must be wonderful to hear the water running at last. 😀

  2. geologyjoe’s avatar

    it sure is great this year, isn’t it? 😮

  3. Mardé’s avatar

    Yes, it’s amazing how fast the snow’s leaving. And the best thing about it is that there’s a minimal “mud season”. Last year we torrential rain storms in April which nearly washed out our road and dumped mud down in the woods below our house. See Remains of the Days. Of course, we could yet have a major rain storm. In the meantime it’s a good time to exploit the interregnum. 😆

  4. nash’s avatar

    FYI, the G-Man and I skied Sugarloaf this past weekend and wow what fantastic conditions! It was like skiing at the beach…Still about 5 feet of snow in the woods…The snow is nice for some things but if it only snowed in the mt’s I would happy…

  5. Mardé’s avatar

    Hey nash, I was telling your mother that I bet that’s where you were. So I was right. Must have been great fun on that corn snow on the Sugarloaf down hill beach! But today that 5 feet of snow probably shrunk a little: it was much warmer up north than by the coast. And the Red Sox won too! Way to go!


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