Here’s a shot I took today (April 7) out the window over our front porch. Hey, you can see some bare ground!

OK, here’s approximately the same shot taken back on Feb. 16. Nice clean snow, huh?

Has there been any progress made in getting rid of the snow? Hard to tell. They almost seem like two different worlds, yet the same. Or not.

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  1. Polina’s avatar

    may I ask what place do you live in where you have SUCH Aprils? Do you have every spring looking like this or it is out of the normal order of things…

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Hi Polina,

    Thanks for your comment and question! My Akismet spam blocker mistakenly called your comment spam. But now I’ve reinstated it. Sorry about that.

    This past winter here in Western Maine has been the worst in many years but miraculously enough our “mud season” hasn’t been bad at all as yet. Last year in April we had a violent rain storm which threw mud everywhere. See my post Snow’s Going.

  3. Polina’s avatar

    :) It is better to have some heavy snow that goes away muddy but quickly, than a loooong never-ending rainy autumn lasting from september to the very may (the way i see it yearly)…


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