Pick One?

The lesser of three stooges?

I thank Annette Ekstrand for forwarding this to me on email. The photo was apparently created by Susan Cassidy, a friend of Annette’s, using Photoshop. Or it may have been created elsewhere. Who knows?

In any case, are these our choices for President of the USA? If I had to choose, I pick the one on the left. That’s at least the direction the country is moving in, albeit slowly, perhaps too slowly…… Like, when are we going to end the war in Iraq, when are we going to bring our troops home from around the world, when are we going to have universal health care, when are we going correct the imbalance between rich and poor, when are we going reinstall habeas corpus, when are we going to stop appointing political hacks to government jobs, when are we going to……you name it?

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