Iraq Success Story?

I couldn’t pass up this opening paragraph from Juan Cole this morning:

I review the news below and don’t somehow conclude that the US occupation of Iraq is a success story. I know we are paying a lot for our presence in Iraq. I can’t figure out what the average American is receiving for the money. It isn’t increased security, since Iraq is a training ground for terrorists who will likely hit the US or US interests in future. It isn’t extra petroleum, at least not for us ordinary folks. Maybe the US oil majors will do well out of it. But even they say they can’t do business in Iraq without oil legislations. And petroleum prices held above $98 a barrel on Friday. The Turkish invasion of Iraq was cited as one reason for the price increase. Instead of asking “are things hopeful in Iraq?” or “is there progress in Iraq?”, the American media and public should be asking, “What are we getting out of all this?” That is the question the US Right fears most of all, which is why they ask the ‘progress’ question all the time. They only have two settings, “slow progress” and “progress.” A burned out hulk of a city like Falluja? A sign of “slow progress.”

I enjoy having access to alternative media where I often find nuggets of truth.

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  1. Aileni Noyle’s avatar

    And don’t forget the wreckage of America’s standing in the world. Economically, Iraq has been/is, a black hole for all who touch its event horizon.

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    That’s right, Aileni. America’s standing in the world has dropped way down. Thanks again to Bush. Oh, and thank Ralph Nader for enabling Bush’s election, along with the MSM, back in 2000. Now Ralph wants to do it again for another Republican.

    And now Serbia has gone bonkers over Kosovo, and is blaming it on US and Bush.

    And yes, Iraq, instead of being a source of black gold (i.e. oil) has become a black hole for, as you say, all those who touch its event horizon.

    Thanks for the comment, Aileni.


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