Minor Op

Today I had a minor operation. I am prone to seborrheic keratoses. Here’s a picture of one. Yuk.

This is not a picture of one of mine which are usually darker and bumpier. I’ve had one above and to the left of my left eye for the last several weeks, and my family physician felt it ought to be “looked at”.

From the Wiki, “The main danger associated with seborrheic keratoses lies in their resemblance to malignant melanomas, which has sometimes led to a misdiagnosis of the cancerous lesions.” The Doc felt a biopsy was in order for this one, and also I felt why not remove the whole thing, for “cosmetic reasons”? Since I take the blood thinner, Coumadin, he recommended that the procedure be done in the hospital, so today at 8am I went into the Stephens Memorial Hospital in Norway, Maine, accompanied by Cynthia, for my minor operation.

It took them an hour to “prep me” which wasn’t that bad even though I had not been allowed to consume any food or water after midnight. The nurse was very pleasant and attractive, and it was good to have Cynthia there with me for chatting and extra care. Finally, the hour for the operation arrived, another nurse appeared and gave me some “happy juice” as a mild sedation, and I was wheeled off to the operating room. It was over in a flash, or so it seemed, and I was wheeled back, given a sweet roll and some coffee, and sent on my way with a list of instructions. Cynthia did the driving even though I felt fine. The stitches come out in four days and soon after that, if not before, I should learn that the keratosis was benign…….
UPDATE: 2/16/2008 Actually the stitches don’t come out until the 22nd. The dressing came off in four days, namely, today. Now an inch and a half long scar with black stitches is visible beside my left eye. Perhaps a black patch would do?

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  1. Missy’s avatar

    Thinking of you–hope all is well.

  2. Annette’s avatar

    Hi Marde,
    Some of us will do anything for a little excitment!! Do hope all goes well and that you remain as handsome as ever.

  3. susan s.’s avatar

    Here from MadPriest’s place. Waiting for results can be frustrating….been there, done that. Hope it is all good.

  4. Mardé’s avatar

    Thank you, Missy. I’m expecting all will be well. I’ve had a lot of these keratoses, still have, and a very few have exhibited basil cell carcinoma.

    Yes, Annette, when you get along in years one might try anything? But I’ve got so many of these little fellows (seborrheic keratoses) that it might kill the patient to remove them all. So, better to live with what you’ve got, right?

    Thank you, susan s. I appreciate your coming all the way from MadPriest’s place and wishing me well. Yes, waiting for results can be frustrating. Thank you again, and my best to you.

  5. Aileni Noyle’s avatar

    Somehow I missed your post yesterday – hope all will be well. You make it sound quite routine, trouble is the waiting after.
    It’s a week since my three extractions – a humdrum business and the only waiting I have to do is keeping the denture in for a couple of weeks, that is, all night as well as day, until the sockets heal. I ate baked potatoe today so I reckon it’s going very well. Small beer set against Meri’s business with the broken teeth.
    Anyway, all the very best,

  6. nash’s avatar

    Is everything still ok…Any word on the results?

  7. Mardé’s avatar

    Wow, Aileni, your teeth problem sounds a lot more uncomfortable than my minor op! But I guess if you’re able to eat a baked potato,…. I’m not sure I understand your next to the last sentence…. 😀

    Hi Nash! No no word yet, but hey, no problem, it was a minor op. I bet people are sick of seeing that yukky looking picture of a seborrheic keratosis! I’ve got to think of another post quick, to cover it up, but now I’ve gotta go to a church meeting. :roll:

  8. Aileni Noyle’s avatar

    Back in April last, Meri fell outside the house and smashed her front teeth which resulted in her having six roots removed.
    We weren’t in touch back then and Meri wasn’t blogging either.

  9. Mardé’s avatar

    So it sounds like her accident and consequent removal of six roots tops your current problems with three teeth. Maybe yours are in partial sympathy? 😉 ❓ I hope she’s recovered by now and that your sockets heal fast. It’s nice to be able to use one’s teeth! 😆

  10. barbara’s avatar

    How are you feeling Mardé ?
    I agree that seeing something like that on one’s bodywould freak anyone out.I’am happy that you got your’s removed.
    No one can be too careful for these little monsters. Melanoma is a quite serious matter.

    Take care.

  11. Mardé’s avatar

    I’m feeling OK now that the bandage is removed, but I have this scar showing stitches, hopefully to be removed this coming Friday. Yes, I hope I don’t have the dreaded Melanoma. :roll:

  12. Mardé’s avatar

    I had the stitches taken out today. Ouch.. Ouch.. But the nurse said the incision had healed nicely and looked fine. Scabs will fall off soon. Goody.. Goody..

    The doctor came in and said everything was removed as shown by tests. By “everything” he meant all the cancer. This was squamous cell carcinoma which is slightly more aggressive, he said, than basil cell carcinoma but nowhere near as dangerous as malignant melanoma which can spread readily to other organs in the body.


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