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every last argument by Joe Perez for why one should or should not vote for Obama or for Clinton, including a great set of comments on the same. After reading most, not all, of it I agree with Joe Perez and come down on the side of Obama for President but if Clinton gets nominated, then a Clinton/Obama ticket.

Never will I vote for a third-party candidate, such as Ralph Nader, or of course never for John McCain. “Thanks Ralph!” still applies: we have Ralph to thank for George W Bush; let’s not have to thank him again, this time for John McCain.

A very thoughtful article in Vanity Fair by Todd Purdum, which I haven’t fully read yet, is Raising Obama.

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  1. ohplease’s avatar

    Instead of blaming Nader, if Democrats had any intellectual honesty, they would blame the mediocre Gore campaign (any semi-competent campaign would have had the ignoramus Bush snivelling in a corner), Gore not carrying his home state or Bill Clinton’s home state, the Democrats in Florida who voted for Bush, Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris and the Supreme Court for subverting the will of the electorate, etc. etc. etc. But instead they attack Nader and alienate many progressives with their whining and sense of entitlement.

    And regarding Iraq, Bill Clinton signed the Iraq Liberation Act (, perpetuated the sanctions on Iraq that killed 1/2 a million Iraqi children, and imposed the longest bombing campaign on Iraq that any country has endured since the Vietnam War. Did Gore repudiate Clinton on this score? No. Who was Gore’s running mate? Joseph Lieberman.

    And the Democratic Party sure proved Nader wrong after the 2006 election when they caved to Bush and the Republicans time and again, didn’t they…

    The Democratic party is a corrupt band of thugs, and its apologists are snivelling whiners.

  2. Mard’s avatar

    Thanks, ohplease, for your comment. Although I agree Gore could have run a better campaign, the media is as much at fault for his loss with their anti-Gore bias. And who could possibly argue, in all honesty, that Gore would not have won if Nader had not been in the race? To say that Gore would have done the same thing as Bush in Iraq, i.e. invaded it, is a stretch, even with Lieberman as VP. With the Repuglicans maintaining a veto proof hold on Congress, I would not blame the Dems for caving. Again, the so-called liberal media came to the rescue of the Repugs in reinforcing mis-information. If the Dems are a corrupt band of thugs, what are the Republicans? 😆


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