More Snow and Voting

This is a shot of the corner of our driveway (to the right) as of last Friday. As you can see, the road has been widened with those heaping piles of snow, thanks to the Town of Denmark. Today these piles are five or six inches higher due to the new snow we got last night and this morning. I ran the snow thrower over our driveway once again this morning and managed to get out OK with our Subaru Forrester.

So, this is the big Super Tuesday. It finally came. Twenty-four states will be voting but Maine won’t have its Democratic caucus until this Sunday, the 10th. It looks like Hillary and Barack are neck and neck at this point. I favor Barack but will support Hillary if she gets the nomination. John McCain I think is insane in that he’s totally succumbed to warmongering, not that he ever was anything but a warmonger. Whoever becomes President, Hillary or Barack, had better start cutting back on our over-bloated Pentagon and Defense Establishment.

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  1. SleepyLaKate’s avatar

    Yeah, or else…. 😯
    Or else they have to come shovel all of this snow we are getting! It’s everywhere! :sad:

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Yeah, that would be a good use for the Pentagon: just shovel our snow for us, save us and the Town of Denmark loads of money. 😆


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