Hillary Haters

Stanley Fish, professor of law at Florida International University, in Miami, has another excellent Think Again column with the title All You Need Is Hate in the New York Times Opinion section today. Here’s his opening paragraph:

I have been thinking about writing this column for some time, but I have hesitated because of a fear that it would advance the agenda that is its target. That is the agenda of Hillary Clinton-hating.

He then references an article by Jason Horowitz in the January issue of GQ, The Hillary Haters, which finds that the hostile characterizations of Clinton do not add up to a coherent account of her hatefulness:

She is vilified for being a feminist and for not being one, for being an extreme leftist and for being a “warmongering hawk,” for being godless and for being “frighteningly fundamentalist,” for being the victim of her husband’s peccadilloes and for enabling them.

As he points out, this is not to say that there are no rational, well-considered reasons for opposing Clinton’s candidacy. But these attacks by the hardcore crazies are just beyond the pale. And yet, a lot of this gets into the mainstream media (MSM). Check out the article. It gave me pause about the state of our culture and what’s tolerated.

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  1. Aileni Noyle’s avatar

    Extraordinary. I can’t bring myself to entirely trust her but if I had a vote I would take her over McCain any day.

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Exactly my feelings, Aileni. I thought it was a well-conceived article and the many comments on it are good too. Anybody but McCain! (Well, not anybody, there even worse.)

  3. Missy’s avatar

    Thanks for the link…

  4. Missy’s avatar

    You know, my ONLY problem with Hillary is the fact she is a Clinton. And I don’t mean that in a Clinton hating way–it just seems certain political families seem to have a monopoly on public office. Kennedy’s aside, in the past two decades we’ve had a Bush as president, then a Clinton, then another Bush, and after Hillary gets elected (if that’s a possibility) I see Jeb waiting in the wings for his turn.
    I would love to see an Obama/Clinton ticket, just for a little changeup.

  5. Mardé’s avatar

    Yes, that’s exactly the problem many see, I feel, including myself. I’d thought of a Clinton/Obama ticket, which really doesn’t solve the families problem, but not so much the other way, although either way a lot of ego would have to be swallowed by the one accepting VP. On the other hand, which comes first? Beating McCain or losing pride/ego? The former should take precedence by far. Of course, if it’s McCain/Huckabee maybe it would self-destruct…… but then again maybe not. Thanks for the comment, Missy.

  6. Aileni Noyle’s avatar

    I am putting a link in Loose Ends that may interest both you and Missy.

  7. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks, Aileni, I just read the article and it really supports the “establishment families in control” argument in a big way. Also, our culture itself has become less democratic and more run by special interests in the past 20 or 30 years. This got a big boost under Reagan.

    So, I’m depressed at this point. Even worse, Americans vote “the man” not the party in the case of presidential elections. But what we’ll get if all these nice moderate well-meaning Independents vote for McCain is not just McCain but the whole corrupt Republican party along with him.


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