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I discovered this interesting chart for the US Primaries 2008 while perusing Notes from underground. It was created by The Political Compass. Sadly, according to the criteria of the Political Compass website, the only two candidates who show up as non-authoritarian and left of center are the two that hadn’t a ghost of a chance, Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel. Clearly, the perspective here is not that of the American Mainstream Media, but may it not in fact be realistic from some perspectives, perhaps that in parts of Europe?

The website also provides a test for a person to compute where she/he stands on the Left to Right, Authoritarian to Libertarian scale. I took the test and found that I fell in the lower left quadrant, that of the leftist libertarian. The questions are general enough so that if you feel like putting in a little bias you can maybe move yourself around a little on the chart, or even perhaps a lot, depending on how much you might cheat.
hmmmmmmm 😆 :roll:

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  1. Aileni Noyle’s avatar

    I find this chart quite revealing of US politics in a way that would not have occurred to me. I have grown up in the left/right atmosphere of the UK which actually has little meaning in Ireland. I would be down in the green zone where Old Labour used to be – today New Labour is trying to outdo the worst of Thatcher. The Conservatives bemuse me and the Liberals I always voted for seem lost as usual.
    In Ireland I vote for people I know personally – that’s the way it is.
    Apparently the two main parties here are considered in the European Parliament to be far Right.

    I think you have to grow up with Irish politics to understand it.

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    That’s very interesting about Irish politics. I didn’t realize the Irish parties would be thought of as far Right. I’m down in that green zone too, as I said above I think. I hadn’t realized New Labour was trying to outdo Thatcher. I assumed Gordon Brown might be better than Tony Blair, at least as far as the Iraq war is concerned. Getting back to America, it’s hard for me to think that all those people with the exception of Kucinich and Gravel are in that authoritarian blue zone. It’s probably because I’m unable to think outside the culture. But I’m working on that.


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