22 years yesterday


I was reminded of this here. Thank you Brian Donohue.

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  1. barbara’s avatar

    Hi Mardé,
    I remeber the shock that were in at that time.
    So very sad :sad:
    One of the astronauts on board was Hawaii born. His name was Elison Onizuka, and it was extremely sad for the islands to lose one of their native sons also.

    I was at University at the time, and remember finding out on the way home. There was a lot of people rushing in to buy the afternoon newspapers.More than usual… I took a peek at the title, and I saw why.

    Those were hard times, but the space program came back.

  2. Mardé’s avatar

    Yes, it was a terrible, shocking event. Our media had just let it pass on Monday. But most of us remember, as you did, how we found out that day. I was working at Digital Equipment Company (no longer exists) and a colleague sent me an internal email about it.

  3. Brian Donohue’s avatar

    You’re most welcome, though as I mentioned to Dr. Alterman, it’s kind of sad that it was the British press reminding us of this. The American media were too obsessed over SOTU, which turned out to be (predictably, I might add) the biggest non-event in years.

  4. Mardé’s avatar

    Thanks for your comment, Brian. Yes, I noted that you pointed out it was the British press that had to remind us of the event. I didn’t watch the SOTU, and predictably it was a non-event as you say. I watched John Stewart at 8pm tonight, the rebroadcast of this previous night’s show, and he really did a job on the SOTU speech. It was hilarious. Probably you saw it. I’ve spent some time looking at your blog and it’s amazingly broad and deep from my perspective. Plus you’re a technical guru. How do you do it all? I agree with what you say in your blog. It’s sad that John Edwards had to step aside — again, it was the media that largely did him in. Hey, I’m tempted to buy one of your books too. I’m glad I chanced upon your blog. I read Eric Alterman every day. And I’m a 79 year old guy who often feels 39! 😆


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