Good Speech

Here’s Barack Obama’s victory speech in Iowa last night.


Nothing like a good speech.

Charles Pierce admits it was a good speech, but…

As to Obama, well, I’m still waiting. He gives a good speech and he plainly can get people off the parliamentary side of their arse. However, after seven years of God Told Me To Screw This Up, and people telling me that it’s the president’s job to “protect” me and my family — Give me a break. I wouldn’t hire the incumbent to park my car — I am very wary of messianic appeals to the better angels of my nature. I don’t want reconciliation with this party full of vandals until we have truth first. Does the current frontrunner have an opinion on what should happen to the people who stonewalled the 9/11 commission? Is that something we have to “get beyond” so as to march together into bipartisan Shangri-La? Well, f**k that. How’s the damage get repaired that way? If it’s OK, I’m not kneeling at the grotto just yet.

Good point, Charles.

But here’s a counter to Charlie I just found:

Charlie’s going to continue to be disappointed in Obama if he thinks the candidate must come forward and say he’s going to prosecute the Bush administration. I’m not saying I wouldn’t relish that announcement, but it’s completely counter to the narrative Obama’s weaving. Frankly, I think that’s a good thing because despite how much I want to see the incumbents criminally charged, tried, convicted, and sentenced, singing that tune won’t get anyone elected.

Should Obama be elected, there’s nothing to prevent the Attorney General whom he appoints from naming a special prosecutor to look into all of the corruption of the last 7+ years. As a constitutional scholar, Obama would owe the country that much in order to restore the constitutional integrity of the government. I think he’s up to it, and I’m willing to listen to speeches about hope and healing for the next year in order to get there.

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